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Three Hours of Kringle Radio @

To get things started, there are three hours worth of Kringle Radio in the player. First is my CiJ show from this year followed by Merry Podcast #29. The remaining time, about an hour, is a few songs in rotation at K-Rad.

I spot checked the files and heard music so this should provide some experience for logging in and downloading. Contact me for entry credentials.

( records net stations as well as terrestrial stations with an online feed.)

Originally Posted by RadioJonD View Post
Announcing for the Christmas Music Aficionados that hang out here in the yearly Christmas Radio Programming & Schedule thread!!!

We are set up for a Pro Account that will allow for scheduling of five shows with 50 gigabytes of storage that will hold around 500 hours worth. Five scheduled programs may not sound like enough but hitting the record button while a show is playing does not count as scheduled. My personal 50 gig account has hundreds of hours of Christmas shows from 2011 & 2012 so I don't think we'll run out of room.

Although this is a purchased one year account, no one is monetarily obligated in order to participate. If you do feel inclined to help out with a contribution, I refer you instead to Santa's Sleigh. At the time of this post and for a limited time, contributing to Santa's Sleigh will will also bump MMC members to a Platinum Status! There are three different Platinum levels so do check that out!

The reason for this early sign up is to get familiar with the workings of Several folks here also like Halloween music that will undoubtedly provide a test drive next month!

I urge all to create at least a basic (free) A free account allows one schedule with two (I think) gig storage.

Once logged in, recorded shows may be streamed or downloaded via the player tab. MP3 recordings are made in fifteen minute increments to prevent download time-outs that sometime occur with long/large files.

Get acclimated to by visiting the FAQ page. If you have any further questions, ask here or shoot me a PM. Together we'll settle our caps for a long recording season!

Contact me for the log in details via PM here or via email. I hope to have a recording from Kringle Radio ready soon to get us started.

(I decided to post the Christmas Club details here instead of creating a new thread. I'm confidant that all interested are here and I honestly don't know how will react to several log ins to one account.)
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