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Originally Posted by ryansrs1 View Post
The best part of Christmas for me is the build up, the hustle bustle in the shops (even though it does annoy and I hate queing). The general feel good factor, that special feel in the air- if that makes sense.

Christmas day evening does feel a bit 'sad' if thats the right word, then the sparkle is gone after boxing day....cant stand new year but 2013 has be a bad one for me so far and cant wait to see the back of it. So am actualy lookinf forwar to the chimes on New Years Eve for 2014

What i do actualy get wound up about, and I mean proper angry is when some parents of 5, 6, 7 year olds TELL there children there is no Santa. Seriously makes my blood boil that!!! I BELIVE and so do my kids!!!

Sorry off topic bit there. Not sure if any Chrimbo films or animation are out, was thinking simular myself. Were due a good one and also a proper Christmas chart song too instead of this x factor rubbish. Nev from the call centre is realsing a chrimbo song (Only kelly will prob know who i mean by this)-cant wait-not!

Not much in way of Christmas either yet in shops, but that not a bad thing.
I agree Kelly ann, sometimes I actually find Christmas day a bit of a let down. I love the build up to Christmas. The lights, decorations and the casual, happy attitude of everyone. Christmas day, now that our son is older and has usually negotiated his present, is a bit ho-hum. It's also the longest time until the start of the Christmas season the next year!
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