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Snowflake I have wonderful retro Christmases memories from the 50's and early 60's

I agree with you Elfbot, I do very much prefer my memories of Christmas past. I loved how the "real" trees were decorated.....remember those beautiful trees in "White Christmas" at the Inn, when Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and the incredible dancer Vera-Ellen circled the enormous tree in the center of the stage, how graceful the strands of Tinsel were "individually" strung upon the garland in widening layers starting at the top to the bottom of the tree. It all gracefully moved with each passing breeze caused by someone walking by, while the coloured lights reflected their beautiful shimmering colours from those strands of Tinsel, which shot laser like glittering rays of light.

Those were the days when we as children would go off into the woods behind my father's parents home, to go hunting for our tree, and cut it down. We would at times go a couple days prior to Christmas Eve to chose the fortunate tree that would grace our home. The lights, the glass ornaments, the garland and finally the tinsel would be lovingly placed upon the tree, and I would always hide under the tree and peer into the hidden wonder of the beauty that was deep within it, very much like the scene as the Chipmunks would clamor around Mikey's tree.

Oh.....the wonder of it all. It was the only time of year that my very dysfunctional family seemed to get along, and I loved it!
The music was all so joyful and simple, not like today. And till this day I love Eggnog!

Thank you for bringing up this post, it brought back some wonderful memories.

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