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Anyone noticing the leaves changing?

Last week (maybe on Thursday or Friday) I happened to be driving home, and I noticed for the first time one of the trees along the street changing color. The leaves were a beautiful red. It really stood out and got my attention.

It was then I realized for the first time: That was the first time I'd really noticed the leaves changing color. The trees on my block? They're not changing, like they usually do! I mean, here in the last day or so, I've started to notice a little bit of a color change, but they sure are taking their time! Usually you can see leaves changing color by early October to mid October! Now we're getting close to the end of the month!

I'm wondering if it's the weather we've been having? It's been colder than normal for the last two weeks (we've got another frost advisory tonight). Instead of the normal Fall weather, it feels more like winter.

Anyone else noticing this?
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