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Yes I did write it - every so often a poem or saying comes to mind when I put it to paper sometimes they need a little tweaking, other times they end up in the bin as they will never work. Funny thing is I cant just try and make one up - it has to come to me.

But what is so nice is to hear that people still stop their busy lives if only for a little while to help someone in need. We dont hear very much about that sort of thing anymore and when we do it is often because someone has been burned in the process of helping. Heck even here in New Zealand where the people are known to be a nation of givers we are starting to have difficulty getting volunteers and that is so sad. Of the groups I belong to the majority of volunteers are now in their late 60s or older - the young ones and even the middle aged ones like me say they dont have time for it. It is a sad reflection on society today in my view.
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