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Harsh Words for Martini Radio...

Wow! Check out these comments on 1290 Martini's FaceBook page! Looks like they could use some MMC love! Those on FB, get over there and support 'em!

From FaceBook:

1290 Martini Radio 513 like this
October 31 at 12:12pm near Milwaukee, WI
Tired of Halloween? As of noon today, 1290 Martini Radio is playing nonstop Christmas music! We'll return to our usual format after the holiday season. Enjoy!!
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1290 Martini Radio Wow. Harsh.
Like Reply 7 minutes ago via mobile

Jonathan Melton Cool Yule Tunes! I'm archiving an air check via! Thanks Martini Radio!
Like Reply 1 November 1 at 8:39pm

Martin Steffen Thank god someone listened. Surprised its on Halloween. However today my stereo isn't liking am channels
Like Reply 2 October 31 at 12:43pm via mobile

Ruth S. Parks CRAZY!!!
Like Reply 1 October 31 at 12:13pm via mobile

Susan Piontek Your station started out like a gift from heaven -- finally really good music. My dial will not be set to 1290 anymore. Bad enough that you've gotten away from the standards, but now Christmas music this early!!!!! I am greatly disappointed that a station that started out so strong has now gone totally mainstream.
Like Reply 2 October 31 at 5:06pm

Jonathan Pomianek Gag. Not a joke, a slight retch....
Like Reply 1 October 31 at 1:20pm via mobile

Karen Bieringer Woot woot ..thank you...I LOVE listening to Christmas Music!!!!
Like Reply 2 October 31 at 12:56pm via mobile

Larry Speener IS A JOKE RIGHT?????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!
Like Reply 2 October 31 at 12:16pm

Joe Schaefer NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like Reply 2 October 31 at 12:15pm

Robert Johnson Thank you. I live in Wausau, so I'm going to listen to you online.
Like Reply 1 November 1 at 10:47am

Rick Klamik WOW ! I didn't have the radio on today, I will have to tune in today ! I hope your not like that other radio station that keeps playing the same 50 songs over and over again.
Like Reply 1 November 1 at 5:16am

Mike Walczak nice!
Like Reply 1 November 1 at 12:15am

Ericka Laforest Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like Reply October 31 at 8:41pm via mobile

Jennifer Pruess Hmm, that's a bit too early for my taste. Love your regular programming however.
Like Reply 1 October 31 at 12:18pm

David Dub Suck, it's not even Thanksgiving yet, Margie
Like Reply 1 October 31 at 12:17pm

Kurt Kamperschroer Xmas music is bad enough forced down our throats the day after Thanksgiving, but to start playing it on Halloween is just asinine. I listened to your station 3-4 hours a day at work. I took my preset off your station in my car and maybe I'll tune back in some time in the new year. I suppose by then you will be playing Easter tunes. What a complete waste of a great station.
Like Reply October 31 at 7:30pm

SandyJo Bott Henning Loving the Christmas music! Thanks!
Like Reply October 31 at 4:18pm

Lucy Coomer LOVE IT....Thank You, with no sarcasm at all. No one is forced to listen, that's why we live in America!
Like Reply October 31 at 4:09pm

Heather Lojeski Yes!
Like Reply October 31 at 12:40pm via mobile

Larry Speener ILOVE the MUSIC!!!!!!(Martini music(.. taking your buttonoff my car radio
Like Reply October 31 at 12:20pm Edited

Jeff Ircink just tuned you in today. Christmas music on Nov. 3? you and your station are morons. i hope you fail miserably.
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Originally Posted by RadioJonD View Post
I've just started listening to a bit of WZTI. First tune heard, James Brown - "Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto". The second, Bing's "White Christmas." It also seems to have a real station DJ. Yeah, I'll enjoy this one!

Straight to the listen link -
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