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Originally Posted by Christmasstar View Post
Day 3 Special Post

All I needed to know about Christmas

I learned on MMC:

Celebrate all year long

Sing a Christmas song at least once a day

Play games with others

Laugh together

Pray for each other

Cry when your heart aches

Bake often and share the recipes and pictures

Watch Christmas movies, even in the summer

Take lots of pictures of your furbabies to share

It is ok to say Merry Christmas, happy holidays or Xmas

Say thank you often

Say hello to newcomers

Believe in Santa…and

Never, ever, loose the wonder of everything Christmas

Christmas is coming again, as it does faithfully every year.
It will come no matter what is going on in the world and in our lives.

We together have faced a year of great joys, welcoming new lives into the world and great sorrows in saying goodbye to friends, family members and beloved pets.
Praying, laughing and crying together as we shared those moments in our lives that we just knew others here would understand.

From daily conversations, to those special times of community chats, Christmas in July and greetings on the podcasts. With the ornament exchange and the mailing of Christmas cards, we bring Christmas into each others homes from around the world. Our very own Kringle radio keeps us dancing to Christmas tunes all year long. Of course we cannot forget the main event party of the year, “The Worlds Largest Christmas party”!!! The only one you can attend without the worry of what to wear.

So celebrate the birth of Jesus and the miracle of His coming. Get together with family and friends. Believe in Santa Claus and his magic. Give to those who are not as blessed as you are. Brighten those dark nights with bright lights and beautiful decorations.

Be excited, the Christmas season is about to begin!
Originally Posted by Joyfully yours View Post

Star I loved reading this , it leads us into the season very very nicely! Thank you!

You are so sweet, and thanks for wishing us the best for today! Your husband is fortunate to have a lady such as yourself!

Yesterday I was out, and I could tell by the weather winter is on it's way, and sure enough it snowed a bit last night for a couple of hours, nothing lasted, but it was sure great to see it!

While I was out running some errands, I dropped by for a visit to Michael's Arts and Crafts, and sure enough the store was filled to the hilt with decorations! And boy was it busy! I did purchase a couple of 'Sparkling Pine' candles, and some beautiful ribbon, and they have these 'Scentsicles' which I've never seen before, they are scented ornaments! I purchased the 'White Winter Fir' and boy oh boy do they smell just like a pine tree!
I'm going to suspend one from my mirror in my car, with the ribbon I bought, my new car will smell like a pine forest in winter......I'm luv'in it!

Then I wandered over to Walmart, and man that place was so busy....and of course people were buying decorations like crazy....Montrealers luv the holidays and decorate the city to the hilt!
I found for $5.00 'Home Alone 1' and I was so excited, I have 'Home Alone 2', now I have the complete set!
Then I also found 'A Christmas Carol' with George C. Scott for $5.00 bucks, man I was very happy, because Scott does a wonderful job in this version! Then I also purchased a string of mixed coloured lights, 50.
I shall start decorating little bit by little bit sometime next weekend, "if" I can wait that long!

Ok....that's it....that's my update on what I did Saturday, today just going to relax, and start planning my lists for making my yearly Panettones for the holidays!
I hope YOU ALL have a great weekend!

Sounds like a lovely weekend! Those were some great bargains!!

Snowflake - Great pic, looks like you all are having a blast!

Holiday - I love your Afghan, you are so talented! The candle looks so Christmassy and vintage , I just love it!

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