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I think everyone feels down at some point during this time of the year, with missing loved ones, financial pressures, time pressures and everything else. The pity is that often people take it out on others who dont deserve it. Pity the counter staff at stores with customers who are rude, abusive and just plain nasty - because of some imagined slight, look at the drivers on the road with road rage and dangerous driving, Look to your neighbours when something doesnt go right - whether it be the cake in the oven burning or the paper being late. Santa Claus may be thought of as larger than life - but then so are most peoples emotions over this time of year. My way of coping is to find a little time each day, be it 5 minutes, where I sit and do nothing but drink a cup of tea and let my thoughts roam - I imagine opening a box in my head, - sometimes I listen to a song, read a poem, watch the water rippling in the river, or just watch the clouds go by. This is my time and I am allowed to be as down and as sad as I want to be. When my time is up I collect up all that sadness and pain, shove it back in the box and lock it away. It will still be there tomorrow - but I control when it affects me.
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