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Originally Posted by trackrebel View Post
I don´t really have a list....but here is what I´ve got so far

my daughter Kandice : Toy Story Jessie doll, The Princess and the frog Nintendo DS game purchased on ebay for 6 euros.......for Nikolaus day I have the playmobil nativity scene and a minnie mouse bag to do kinda sew herself (both presents were very cheap....on Nikolaus I don´t do big presents....just Candy and one or two cheap or small presents)

my mother: Jones had decided to buy her a flatscreen she has that one already

my daddy : he will get some merchandise items from his favorite German soccer club 1860 München

my boyfriend......:no friggin idea
Great List!!

I was thinking of a flat screen for my mom too! A smallish one, on black friday, when there was a mega sale LOL.

And see- men are the hardest! Good luck with getting your BF a present! I know my husband needs a new wallet, but besides that I'm lost! This year I may just get him a whole bunch of smaller gifts. We'll see!
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