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Festive Spirit you could wrap up and put under the treeFestive Spirit you could wrap up and put under the treeFestive Spirit you could wrap up and put under the treeFestive Spirit you could wrap up and put under the treeFestive Spirit you could wrap up and put under the treeFestive Spirit you could wrap up and put under the treeFestive Spirit you could wrap up and put under the treeFestive Spirit you could wrap up and put under the treeFestive Spirit you could wrap up and put under the treeFestive Spirit you could wrap up and put under the treeFestive Spirit you could wrap up and put under the tree
Originally Posted by Crown 84 View Post

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

- Crown
A very Merry Christmas to you Crown. Thank you for all you do on here.

Originally Posted by mgramsey View Post
Happy Pines day everyone. Welcome to the "most wonderful time of the year". Temp was 16 when I left home this morning. It felt great. We had snow showers last night but no real accumulation.

Our family is meeting with Hospice today about placing mom in the hospice house. She doesn't want to go which makes it even more difficult. She is a fighter but doesn't have much time left.

We are struggling with knowing that mom's death is soon while the Christmas season is starting. We certainly know that, because of what Jesus did for us, mom is going to a far better place and the sorrow we have is for us, not her. Our family still intends to celebrate Christmas. How can we not celebrate what God did for us at Christmas? This Christmas season will be different but we will try to keep our focus on what Christmas is really about; "for unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Savior which is Christ the Lord..."

Thanks for letting me vent and give myself a pep talk. Have a blessed day all.
You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

Originally Posted by made582 View Post
My order of Christmas stamps just arrived!!! Time to finish getting those cards ready to send out!!!!
How exciting! I need to start writing my cards out to, I will start posting next week!!

Originally Posted by jennifer91 View Post
Happy Christmas season, everyone! I hope that everyone has a wonderful & blessed season this year on MMC, with family, and with friends! Let it be the best one yet!

This time of the year, I am so thankful for MMC. I have 'met' so many wonderful people here. We are all so very different but share one common interest which brings us all together - it's great!

I remember last year I was so down in the dumps as soon as the evening hours approached on Christmas. I know that it was still Christmas Day, but I was finally facing the fact that it was almost all over. It's hard to look forward to something for months and months and then for it just to end. That's why Christmas Eve has been and always will be my favorite day of the year. The anticipation of Christmas is the best feeling ever. Anyway, I can remember when it hit midnight and I was seriously feeling so down. I logged on here and chatted with some of you who were feeling the exact same way. Most people really have no idea what the feeling is that we experience because they simply do not care about Christmas the way that we do. I started the countdown in my head even though it was a long 364 days away.

This time of year for me is filled with fun, excitement, joy, and anticipation. It's nice to share it with people outside of my family who truly appreciate it as much as I do! Heck - I get excited over wrapping paper, guys. I buy it like it's going out of style. I think I have enough wrapping paper at this point to last me 12 years.

Now that the season has officially 'kicked off' I really need to start my shopping and decorating! The decorations are coming out this weekend and the lights are going up - woo hoo!

Have a GREAT day, everyone!!
I feel the sae way about everything Jennifer. Christmas Eve is also my favourite day of the year, it's the climax of the season for me! I am also comforted in knowing that you all will be here when those January blues kick in. I bet you are looking forward to weekend, I will be pulling my decorations down from the loft on Saturday!
Originally Posted by frostythesnowman View Post
good afternoon/evening everyone...whats everyone been upto lately
Hey Frosty, been thinking of you and wondering how you all are coping. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. Keep courage friend.

Originally Posted by Bradmac View Post
Alright, groovy guys and groovy gals. I'm out the door to take the kids to their classes, then to the concert.

Enjoy the concert!!

Have a great evening, everyone!
Originally Posted by sugar142286 View Post
Thanks, HmG. I'm back to feeling almost 100%. Hope you're having a wonderful night!
Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Originally Posted by Christmasstar View Post
my eldest informed me that I need an outing so she is going to take me somewhere, not saying where, just that I will love it and it will be sure to bring the spirit of Christmas back. So now she has me curious as to where we are going. We both have Saturday off so that is the day we are going...somewhere.
How exciting! can't wait to hear what she has planned!

Originally Posted by Virginia View Post
Thanks Christmas-A-Holic. My Mum would ask you to
please use your prayers for her to double the prayers for someone who needs it more. Not sure if I have expressed myself properly, it's just she always thinks of others and if she can share anything, even her health, for another, she will.
Keeping you and your mum in prayer Virginia.

XMAS65 - Car looks great!

Xmastidings - Hope you had an enjoyable 50th birthday. Sounds like you did

Merry Cary - Hope all goes well with the tree today.

Snowflake - How's your decorating coming along? Can't wait to see the photos!

HomakinGirl - Love those Christmas themed tissues!

Everyone else - Have a wonderful day and sending best wishes!
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