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Thats great! Christmas cards really do warm the heart. There is nothing like opening up an envelope and receiving some Christmas cheer! The simplicity of it is wonderful

I wish people sent them out earlier- they are actually part of the holiday decor for me! BUT I am a hypocrite because I am guilty of sending mines out late LOL! NOT THIS YEAR. I made a vow to get mines out by Dec. 1st. It is a Sunday so I can get them all together at my leisure and drop them in the mail box for the mailman to pick up on Monday.

I like to take pictures of my two kids and make the cards on Walmart's website. I plan on taking pics on Thanksgiving Day so they'll be dressed nicely. I normally like to take the pics in front of the tree, but I bought a funny photo opp kit with mustaches, pictures frames you can hold up etc. so I plan on creating a card with 3 photos: 2 silly pics and a "serious" pic in the middle.
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