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Originally Posted by sgrover View Post
Rebecca, first let me say I am sorry for your loss. It's been months since I've been on here, so am just seeing this now. My husband and I lost a son last Aug, he was only 20, and yeah, it's been very hard. You seem to have a good support system with family, church, and faith, so that is good. That's helped us too. I went to a "Grief and Remembrance" seminar last year that my work held. Basically they said to be prepared for a whole range of emotions. You may want to do something totally different this year, or be ok with doing your regular holiday traditions. And what one person wants, may not be what another person wants, and that's OK. Just be supportive of each others feelings, maybe find a compromise. I know last year my husband just sort of went through the motions of the holidays, but I threw myself into it like never before. It was sort of my therapy. I just didn't make him do anything he couldn't, and he didn't stop me from doing anything I wanted. I still have both of my parents, but they are 84 and 88, so I know someday soon I won't. I remember my mother years ago saying that when she died, she hoped it wasn't too long before Christmas. I asked her why? She LOVES Christmas. She said she didn't want to have to wait too long to sing Christmas carols with a choir of angels. I'm not sure she even remembers saying that, but I do. And I know that first Christmas without her, I'll be smiling, knowing she's a choir practice, getting ready for the big day. I'm sure your dad will be having his best Christmas ever this year.
Thank you so very much for your kind words. I like the thought of my dad up in heaven singing Christmas songs. He didnt have the best voice in the world but God love him I can hear him singing. Thanks!
Count your blessings as there are many! My daughter and grandsons are mine. God bless!
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