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The most controversial Christian song of the year is the, "The Roman".

I've lost a lot of sleep in recent years over releasing this song to the public, but I did decide to include it as part of the "Pink Christmas" CD we released this year.

The inspiration for the song came from those wonderful movies of the past such as: "Ben Hur", "Barabas" and "The Robe", where less than perfect men were found to become better men by the teachings of Christ. The soldier in "The Roman" converts to Christianity, after he cannot complete his gruesome task of killing the newborn Christ child.

When I first conceived this song, I was deeply concerned about the sad commentary it says for all of us. That we could accept the idea that those in power at the time of Christ's birth might send an assassin to get rid of the "problem". Heaven knows that the Middle East has been plagued by assassinations, and assassination attempts, for what might be forever.

By the time I had finished the song however, I was greatly encouraged by the positive commentary it also says about all of us. That we can accept as plausible the idea that anyone can change their life for the better at any time...even a Roman soldier standing over the newborn Christ child with sword in hand.

You can hear "The Roman" on YouTube at:

Any comments, good or bad, will be most welcome.

Thanks, Geoff
Listen to the music video of "Pink Christmas - Breast Cancer" at:
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