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Suburban Sprawl Christmas 2013

From an email:

[SSM] Happy Holidays!

Suburban Sprawl Music Updates

Dec 6 at 8:31 AM

The 2013 edition of our annual holiday music collection is now available for free download. How festive.

Also we're having a crazy sale over at The Quack Store. Enter "HOHOHO" at checkout and get 30% off all Suburban Sprawl goodies.

Happy Holidays!

From the webpage:

1 'Hooray For Santy Claus'
by The Kickstand BandThe Kickstand Band open up this year's collection with this old standard from 1964's Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.

2 'Cluck Old Christmas'
by Melissa And The Yule LoggersMelissa And The Yule Loggers (James Anthony, Mike Smith, Dave Lawson) tracked this Christmas song mostly live, which is a feat that old timey Christmas musicians used to do back before Christmas computers.

3 'This Time Of Year'
by Javelins Do u hear what I hear? The slammin & jammin' elves of Javelins got together to tip tip tip their Christmas hats to the "Sounds and Visions" of today, tomorrow and forever. May sweet joy and love explode over all who dwell in the candy cane forests of the greater Detroit area.

4 'Xmas Eve'
by Songs From The Moon What Christmas song is complete without a Ferndale reference? That is the issue Songs From The Moon sought to address with their contribution.

5 'Open For Christmas'
by The Next Door Neighbors This year, The Next Door Neighbors (Darin and Dave) enlisted the help of Christian Doble (sax), Adam Kempa (drums) and Kristin von Bernthal (backup vocals) to accomplish their maniacal goal of complete Christmas domination.

6 'Jesus Came From Heaven'
by Love Axe "Love can be a weapon," Love Axe sing as they lovingly destroy your mind with some Christmas truth about our main man Jeezus.

7 'The Christmas Waltz'
by Zach Curd The best song on each year's collection is always whatever Zach Curd creates with his beautiful mind. Strong, talented, tall, handsome, blurb-writing Zach Curd. What a guy, that perfect person.

8 'Martian Kids Need Santa Too!'
by PreciseHeroPresciseHero has been a welcome mainstay on these compilations over the past few years. Instead of breaking out the Christmas raps this year, he decided to treat you to tasty instrumental. It sounds like it might be from the future. Is PreciseHero the next John Titor? Listen and find out.

9 'Feel The Frost'
by Arranged MarriageArranged Marriage hit you, a British army officer, about the face demanding satisfaction this Christmas. The only way to settle this is by duel. OH NO YOU HAVE TO LEAVE TOWN U KILLED AN OFFICER OF THE BRITISH ARMY IN THE DUEL HAHAHA JK WE PUT A FAKE BULLET IN UR GUN HOLLAAAAA THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN BARRY LYNDON.

10 'Mistletoe'
by Blaire Alise & The Bombshells Newcomers Blaire Alise & The Bombshells require four things this Christmas. 1) Hot cocoa 2) Snow 3) A light dimmer 4) You under the mistletoe for some CHRISTMAS SMOOCHIES. Seems pretty cut and dry to us.

11 'Christmas Day'
by Jeff Litman Another newcomer, Jeff Litman decided to give you this super nice cover of The Beach Boys for Christmas. Oh what did you get Jeff? A GameStop gift card? Cool. Gonna get him some pokemonssssss.

12 'The Death Of Dr. Christmas
'by The Bobby ElectricThe Bobby Electric cooked up this original holiday tune, which sounds like Modest Mouse, Ween and maybe like Deftones at a Christmas dinner party all eating from the same holiday gumbo? Yummmmieeee.

13 'One More Sleep Till Christmas'
by Leann BanksLeann Banks is the first person to cover this song for us! Unreal! A very welcome addition to our holiday arsenal.

14 'Peacoats'
by Chris O.Chris O. is no stranger to the harsh winds of Christmas time. He has come prepared with a coat originally worn by sailors of European (and later, American) navies.

15 'Christmas In Hollis'
by Carjack/Pupils It's been 12 years since someone covered this song for us, and this combo of Carjack and Pupils do it justice. Stevyn Pivalsky is RUN, Carjack is DMC. Dave Jennings, Matt Luke, Jason Worden and Chris Krez collectively make up Jam Master Jay (RIP).

16 'I Just Want Your Love (4 Christmas)'
by Timmy Tumble Athens, Georgia's Timmy Tumble get credit for coining the term "marine sub" in this Steppenwolf-esque Christmas freakout.

17 'Christmas Day'
by Allan JamesAJ decided to flip the script, go crazy, and record a heartfelt down-tempo holiday song this year. Just kidding. This is AJ's FORTE BRO AND HE EXCELS AT IT.

18 'Be A Good Boy'
by Turn To CrimeTurn To Crime are newcomers to the comp this year and they are also responsible for you picturing Lou Reed in a Santa Cap right now.

19 'The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year'
by Jeremy Porter & The Tucos In recent years, Jeremy and his Tucos have become a welcome recurring cast member in the TV show that is these holiday comps. Think more Chandler, less Marcel The Monkey.

20 'Please Come Home For Christmas'
by Six And The SevensSix And The Sevens need you to come home this Christmas. You have been out at the bar far too long without checking in and that is total crap. How dare you, you selfish person.

21 'On Xmas'
by The Tinsel Singers The Tinsel Singers decided to crack open the holiday beer that is this cover of a little known, much loved degenerate carol originally performed by the band Dog Latin. Also preeeeetty sure that is a lie and that this is some amalgamation of The Word Play doing an original? Cool.

22 'The '59 Sound'
by Jon Cendrowski Jon Cendrowski treats the world to a stripped-down cover of The Gaslight Anthem's "The '59 Sound." Also have you seen that video of them and Springsteen doing this song at some festival? Super good.

23 'Argue Around The Holidays (Silent Night)'
by I_R.J.I_R.J. collected all of the Christmas jewels and spent them on R&D for the greatest Christmas machine ever built. The results? Listen for yourself.

24 'Warmer Days Ahead'
by The Kind Parts Unsure of who The Kind Parts are, but The Kind Parts covered Lightning Love's "Warmer Days Ahead" and it's just a nice little ditty to mend your cold and broken Christmas heart.

25 'The Government Don't Get Sh__ For Christmas'
by ScreechGING WeaselScreechGING Weasel get right to the heart of the matter this year. NO MONEY FOR THE BAD BOYS.

26 'Good King Sacrilege'
by The Oscillating Fan ClubThe Oscillating Fan Club decided to create a version of "Good King Wenceslas" as interpreted by like Albert Ayler or like Black Flag? Whatever it is, it's cool.

27 'The Paincakes Sell Out'
by The PaincakesAmerica's Favorite Band recorded your deepest childhood memories. This is weird.

Originally Posted by RadioJonD View Post
I don't know why I have never said anything about Suburban Sprawl Music here before!

Not to fear, the link features Christmas comp downloads with playlists going back to 2002! I know, I know! You're welcome! Get downloading!

From the webpage:

Ho Ho Ho! - You have happened upon Suburban Sprawl Music's annual Holiday compilation. Every year, various friends (from Michigan and beyond) use the SubSprawl Holiday comp as a way to have fun, write some totally sweet holiday songs, and collaborate.

2010: This year we were gifted with 48 tracks to share, and a great cover design by Shawn Knight. Could 2010 hold the most magical holiday of all? Only Santa knows. We hope you enjoy this year's compilation and consider this a thank you for supporting the arts in 2010!
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