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Top of the Season To Everyone!

The chat room was a busy place last night! Crown, I won't even tell you what Binger said about you!

Even with the trolls popping in, we managed to get the upper hand and scare them off with our Christmas Spirit. Hopefully everyone will be back tonight and more will join in the insanity!

MMC member whychristmas will be on BBC Radio at 11.45pm UK/GMT, so thatís 7.45pm EST and 4.45pm PST.

And don't forget Jon Solomon's 24 Hr Marathon Show on WPRB - If you talk with or email Jon, tell him I sent you!

And if that ain't enough (and by holly jolly golly, why shouldn't it be!), last evening's Bone Conduction Music Show - Christmas Extravaganza is now available for download or streaming. -

Hope to see y'all here and in chat this Evening! UK friends, feel free to stay up and rub it in that Christmas has arrived for you while the rest of us are still waitin'!