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Honestly, I don't think I've cried this much since losing my stepson! He was texting me quite a bit this weekend, saying his folks were so down on him he just wanted to get out. I tried to get him to contact an outer family member, grandparent, cousin, aunt/uncle, someone, but he just couldn't. But, yesterday I think it took a turn for the better. His mother took him to a doctor, he was diagnosed with severe depression, no surprise there. The doctor asked him if he knew what the cause was, and he told him it was his dad. I guess he laid it all out there, which was exactly what he needed to do. I hope his mother heard everything, not sure if she was in the room or not, but I hope she realizes it now. The breakup was hard, yes, but a lot of it was because he was losing not just a girlfriend that actually cared about him and listened to him, but her family also, we cared about him and listened to him, he was losing his only support network. I hope now that a doctor is involved, things will improve. I also contacted the school councelor, she responded that she is aware of the situation, but if I'd like to give her more information, we can meet later this week. And I left a message for our pastor (we belong to the same church as his family), asking to talk to him too. He needs someone on the outside to just be a lookout for him. So I do feel better now, knowing that help is at least starting. My daughter is still being a friend to him, she buys him breakfast at school in the morning to make sure he's eating, which I told her was fine, buy him as much as he'll eat, I will gladly pay for it at this point! He seems to have accepted that the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is over, but she's staying on as his friend and will help him however she can. So that's a good thing. Just keep Eric in your prayers, he still needs lots of them! Thank you all for the support.
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