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I love everything about the Christmas season, including all the stuff you listed! I love decorating my moms house for her. She's an older lady, but she's ridiculously busy and active, so it's not that she's too feeble or frail to decorate herself, she just doesn't have the time because she's literally ALL OVER THE PLACE! lol But I love to help make her house festive! I also love cooking with her. My mom is the epitome of a soul food chef. She has not used recipes or cook books to produce Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner in about 30 years. She uses her memory and "eyes" her ingredients. It's pretty impressive. Since she's an older woman who lives alone, she only cooks when BEGGED or for holidays. So every Thanksgiving and Christmas since I left for college, I take it upon myself to follow my mom around the kitchen, watching her measure from memory and season to's like watching a master at work. I can only pray that when it's time for me to start preparing the meals, I'm as good as her.

But yea...that's something that I really look forward to/love about Christmas.
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