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Dinner Tradition

For as long as I can remember, my family and I have always gotten Chinese Food on Christmas. NO....its not because of "A Christmas Story" rather it goes back to having dinner with my Grandparents. My Grandmother was a terrific cook and she prepared huge meals, seemingly, every time we saw her. One Christmas she decided that it was going to be her day off (or out of the kitchen) so we looked up and down for a place to go out. Back then, Chinese Restaurants were typically the only place they won by default. We ended up going to the restaurant for years and years throughout my childhood and we have carried on the tradition to today even though my Grandparents are no longer with us. We did stop going to the restaurant however and switched to take-out (I sounds bizarre).

That original restaurant that we went to all those years ago was just a happy memory until about a year ago when, out of chance, my wife took me there on a recommendation from a friend of hers. It was awesome. Now we go frequently and each time we go I can't go more than a few minutes with out getting nostalgic.

I'm hungry...maybe I can go for an eggroll.

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