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Chat Information: Christmas Cupboard Ramblings

I thought I would give all an update on our thinking about our themed chats.

1. Currently we are trying to do two on each topic at different times to accommodate as many time zones/people as possible.

2. Chatters need 25 posts to participate so...get to posting!!!

3. Each themed chat will conclude with an open chat time so people can visit and get to know each other better. Themed chat will last for 30 minutes unless we are deep in conversation and no one wants to stop.

4. We are sort of creating a framework to start with and it will include four main areas: Christmas Chats (about specific Christmas the Secret Santa ideas one) Organizing Chats (about all areas of organizing and getting ready for the holiday season) Seasonal Chats (about other holidays or seasonal topics) and Book Chats (about...well duh...books in some shape, form, manner) We would like to do one of each every month but please be does get in the way at already June is giving me fits!!

5. If there is lack of interest in certain areas we will review and revise our framework as needed. Please know...we welcome everyone..even if you just perfer to listen (read). Just think of it as talking with friends over coffee...or hot chocolate...or iced tea!!!

6. Some ideas for Future Chats......setting up your Christmas Planner, holiday menu planning, baking tips and strategies, Rudolph Day ideas, Stocking Stuffers, Magic Elves ideas, Summer Fun, Boo Bash Planning (Halloween parties), Christmas Books for Kids....

Ummm the whole Book Chat thing brings up a anyone interested in forming a book chat group where we read a certain book and then meet to talk about it...Like read chapters 1-4 and we meet at such and such a time to talk about it!....they could be some of the Christmas themed novels. Well....just a thought....

So we are open to chat can PM...Maureen or me with your ideas or post them here....we'd love to see what topics interest people!!!
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