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Christmas in July @

Originally Posted by RadioJonD View Post
While we are on the subject of old vinyl, The King of Jing-a-ling at still has four years of his ADVENTure in Carols compilations at his site. Each feature material all from out of print souces. There are some pretty rare tunes here. There is even some nifty CD insert artwork to go along with each!

See for yourself. -
Also look for FLLLL to go active with "new" member shares starting in July. Christmas in July is about the only time other than the Christmas season that members post audio shares.

Clear out some hard drive space!

By my hap-hazard calculations, between 800 and 1,200 hours worth of Yule Audio have been posted here thus far. Since we are almost at the halfway mark between Christmas, I am wondering very much just how many folks are actually listening and/or downloading. Maureen listens, she said so last time I asked. Rob is a regular as well.

What has been your favorite(s) and why? Is there something that you have found that you would like to hear on Merry Christmas Radio? Depending on the source and copyright, that could be a possibility.
Where all this began for me

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