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slick is a new face around here!
I'm looking forward to seeing this movie it looks good and it sounds like a good movie also.
I just might go see it with my cousin.
That is if we could get tickets.

But I do have to agree with all of you.
If it is pixar then I will most likely see it.

The next movie I'm going to see is hancock.
It looks funny and full of action.
And it has Will Smith in it so it has to be good.

Also an awsome movie to see is batman the dark knight.
That looks so sweet.
That is going to be one of my birthday gift.
The only thing that sucks is that Heath Ledger is dead.
The film would've been on my birthday but Heath Ledger dies so they moved it up to the eighteenth.

And just a little advice my birthday WAS always on the all-star game but this year they are going to hold it at yankee stadium and it is on july 14th.
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