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holly Easy gift using back to school sales...

Hi all,

Here's a small article I just wrote up last night, where I thought of a way to use some back to school sales for gifts. The gift bags are where you can get crafty, but this will also be a nice useful gift for all the kids in the family - when you never know what to buy for all the different age groups.

If you would like to get a head start on your Christmas shopping this year, consider "back to school" sales. This is the perfect time of the year to take a few extra bucks, and get some great deals. Think of pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, scissors, crayons and more. You can pick these items up extremely cheap.

My husband just purchased a "whole box" of spiral notebooks, he got them for .12 cents each! He also had rulers, glue sticks, regular glue, markers and more. He gave half of his supplies to our niece and nephew, then stashed the rest back for our boys to use this year. We'll have to go back and "restock", because I ran across this great idea...

What about using some of these supplies to make "gift bags" for the kids in the family, the church group, and for the kids at your Christmas parties? Every year we have very large Christmas parties, where it's almost impossible to buy each child a gift. With 25 kids or more running around, at $5.00 per child, that's $125.00 bucks - which isn't bad.

Problem is, there are children of all ages, which will make your shopping a nightmare when you try to figure out which gift is age appropriate, where you can find the best "age appropriate" gift for $5.00 and more. Well, think about this for a second.

If you can get a spiral notebook for .12 cents, a pack of pencils for .25 cents, a set of nice markers for .99 cents, a ruler for .19 cents, scissors for .99 cents, glue for .50 cents... you have invested $3.04 so far. I'm sure you can find a couple other neat useable items like erasers or pens to add in. Add to that a few candy canes, or some homemade Christmas candy - and you've got something that all the kids can use, no matter what the age. Even our 3 year old loves paper, markers, rulers and glue!

You can use small plain paper bags big enough to fit the spiral notebooks. We have white paper bags with the small loop handles here at our local dollar stores, that are the perfect size. Also, that colored tissue paper which contains around 25-50 sheets of tissue paper for just $1.00.

To decorate your gift bag, you could print out a few pictures for Christmas. After you print these out, you can use a simple glue stick to attach them to the gift bag - or use a large needle and yarn to stitch them right on the bags.

You can even have the kids help! I'm sure they wouldn't mind going crazy with the glue stick, or if you enjoy needlepoint, you can make them look really nice. One larger image right in the center of the bag, with the edges stitched in red yarn, would make the bag very unique and special.

Then put all of your "school supplies" in the bag, add some colored tissue paper on top, and you have a great gift that any child can actually use. You will have saved some money, and eliminated some Christmas shopping nightmares, by picking these supplies up now, while they are really cheap!

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