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We live on a small farm about 30 minutes south of Pittsburgh. We do not really have anyone that we can get together with so we kinda keep to ourselves. We have 24 acres and a few farm animals that occupy our time. I would love to live in an area where you have friendly neighbors and have BBQ's. Our neighbors barely say hi if you accidently meet at the mail boxes. We do not have any close neighbors beside us, a few acres of land seperate us. But across the street we have some strange ones, and my husbands family live down the hill but are classified as the "theives" of the family. Aren't we lucky to live down the street from them?? We do not have alot of crime in the country, maybe a broken mailbox now and then. But other than that we let our doors unlocked and keys hanging in the cars. Wish we had close neighbors like others have spoken about, or nice and crowded family get togethers, but we're not lucky enough to have all that. It gets depressing at the holidays, but this site keeps me going!! Thank you all!!
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