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whitexmas is a new face around here!

The breakfast basket idea is very cute! Keep sharing your ideas, its fun to hear what everyone else is doing, its good inspiration to go off some idea then come up with something else.
Last year I made homemade soap that was layered white and red and smelled like peppermint. I also made candles in cute little tea cups or jars that I got at goodwill. They turned out adorable. I made some spicey nuts and placed them in jars and wrapped them very cute. This year I want to make sachets for your dresser drawers. I'll just take some cute fabric thats breathable (maybe chiffon), and cut into squares. Stuff with potpourri and sew. Tie with cute ribbons. I was thinking about making homemade limoncello. Thats something that I should start now, a few months in advance. But i'm not sure if I'm going to.
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