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Christmas in school

Wow! You guys are really smart folks. I am sincere in that, not being sarcastic. You have said so much that is worth thinking about on this issue. Now, my turn to say just a little. Fact: God created the universe in which we live. This is not a religious fact, but a fact, like the fact that Karl Malone should have retired in Utah. So, to purposely remove Him from any part of life in order to avoid offending those who choose not to believe in Him is wrong. Can you imagine if Adam and Eve had decided not to mention God's name around Cain because he might be offended? It sounds ridiculous on a small scale like that, but it is just as ridiculous to honor unbelief on a national scale. I can't look back to see who said it right now, but one of you was dead on when you said that even if the government bans the mention of God everywhere in public, that doesn't prevent you from teaching your own family. By teaching our family and then our close friends and then co-workers, etc., we will eventually see Christmas return to the schools and the post office. (What do they call Christmas seals now, anyway?) Happy Late-December Festival, everyone!
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