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Old 10-21-2008, 02:05 PM
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I know how you feel Johnor,there is a house behind us and the people that live there now and the ones who lived there before them are/were NOISY!

The ones before had a bunch of kid's and they would get out in their back yard (their back yard connects to our back yard) and ride their mini bike's . I'm sure you all know the annoying whine that they make. I have nothing against kid's having fun ,but this was constant on the weekend and during the summer.

Well they moved out and a bunch of guy's moved in. We think that they all went to the college a few block's away. We always regretted it when it was nice out at night because they would have keg parties in their back yard. So loud that we couldn't even sleep with or window up or down. We could still hear them.We called the police on them a couple time's and so did other neighbor's.They even had under aged kid's back there drinking.The police would come ,ask for ID and you could hear them telling the kid's they were gonna take them home to their parent's. Didn't do a thing to the guy that lived in the house and was contributing to minor's.Just tell them to quiet down. They also had bon fire's when there wasn't supposed to be open burning due to this area having so little rain. The police warned them about that and the guy's bad mouthed them. One night the police had to be called back there 3 time's and the 3rd time 2 of them parked their car's right out in front of the house and told the guy's that they all better go in and go to bed and that they better not here as peep out of them and if they saw as much as a mouse go across the porch that they were gonna take them all to jailbecause he was getting tired of being called out there. The police set out front of their house for hour's until daylight . One night they did take a couple of them off to jail ,but once they got out they were right back at again . I just dont understand people like that and I don't understand our police letting them off so easy .Why they didn't get them for giving beer to underage kid's.Oh and one evening they were a bunch of them standing in their yard throwing stick's at each other .Stick's about the size of your arm and about a foot long and some of the stick's were coming in our yard . They didn't know it ,but I was keeping an eye on them . When they kept it up and I had all I could take and I stepped out on the back porch and told them that they better hope the stick's didn't hit my 2 dog's who were chained up in the yard.I'm not one to normally speak up like that ,usally I'm the tame ,quiet and shy one ,but I voiced myself and it felt good . haha. Honestly though it just irked me with what they were doing and all that they had done and really the police weren't doing a thing about it . We were sooooooooo happy when they finally moved out . The house stayed empty for a while .

Then a family of Hispanic's moved in and he is a drinker and gets out there and play's his Hispanic music loud .Here we go again.

The people that live across the street from the house that seems to attract noisy tenant's has cop's at their house at least once a month sometimes more. The young kid's that live there seem to stay in trouble and the dad is no help. I've got to where I hate the 4th of July as one year they had the ENTIRE bed of a pick up filled with firework's and they started on them before it got dark and continued way past the curfew .They had an old tv setting out by the curb and one of them had a "brain storm" to bust the screen out of the tv and load it with firework's and light it. It sounded like a bomb going off.

I just don't understand how people can be so inconsiderate .I told my b/f if we were the ones doing all of this we'd be locked up .

We are trying to find a place kind of out in the country ,but haven't had any luck in finding a place to rent that we like and is affordable .
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Old 10-21-2008, 03:51 PM
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I am so sorry that you are going through this. I can totally empathize. We moved to the country over 5 years ago. You know looking for the sounds of nature and peace and quiet. Ya, right! We have just over an acre. Our neighbours have 15 acres beside and behind us. Every long weekend party central, dirt bike, atvs, hundreds of vehicles travelling back and forth up and down. Screaming , music, noise. They shoot guns off at night, they have their own little trailer park up the hill equipped with outhouses that do not have proper septics. They have 4 dogs that roam our property and everyone elses.( i love dogs we have one) They have horses, cows and a pony, that get out. When they party our windows vibrate. Our house is easily 200 feet from theirs. So you can imagine how loud they must have it. A few of us phoned some agencies about the animals always roaming. Guess what? The wife is a manager at the animal agency that should be able to deal with our issues and solve the problem. Many have had contact with By-law Enforcement officer. Nothing is ever done. We tried to sell our house. That will never happen. When people come and see the mess and noise next to us they leave and quick. I love the winter. We don't hear much noise. If you are looking for a place in country, make sure there are absolutely no neighbours anywhere near by. Or if there are go and check the noise level at different times of the day and night. We love our home, but we pray all the time that they will move away so we can enjoy the real sounds of nature.
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Old 10-22-2008, 02:55 AM
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VeryWelshXmasLover would be nice to meet under the mistletoeVeryWelshXmasLover would be nice to meet under the mistletoeVeryWelshXmasLover would be nice to meet under the mistletoeVeryWelshXmasLover would be nice to meet under the mistletoeVeryWelshXmasLover would be nice to meet under the mistletoeVeryWelshXmasLover would be nice to meet under the mistletoeVeryWelshXmasLover would be nice to meet under the mistletoeVeryWelshXmasLover would be nice to meet under the mistletoeVeryWelshXmasLover would be nice to meet under the mistletoeVeryWelshXmasLover would be nice to meet under the mistletoeVeryWelshXmasLover would be nice to meet under the mistletoe
It's really sad that inconsiderate neighbours are such a common problem.

The kids of our neighbours are really badly behaved, but with the example that their parents set - I can't say I'm surprised...

Roll on June!
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