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Old 12-02-2011, 07:54 AM
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“Christmas Eve: A Lion Tamer, a Toothless Wonder and Tasmanian Tots”

“Christmas Eve: A Lion Tamer, a Toothless Wonder and Tasmanian Tots”
Something magical happens at our family home on Christmas Eve.
It isn’t the much anticipated arrival of Santa, nor the instant goodwill that is felt upon entry into our little corner of Winter Wonderland. It happens in an inexplicable occurrence of metamorphosis… (No, not like in the obscure Kafka book) I suddenly morph into a veritable Lion Tamer.
Our Christmas Eve festivities always begin with a huge buffet dinner. This part of the evening includes various friends and family members. This is always a great time of food and fellowship. My sisters invariably argue over who gets to sit at the “Big table” all the while vying for a spot WITHOUT a direct view of the aunt who unfailingly comes to dinner sans teeth.
Once dinner is finished, tables cleared and extraneous friends and family bidden farewell, we move on to the next phase of the evening…what I like to call “controlled chaos”! It is then, that I wrangle the kids into the “West Wing” of the house and become the Lion Tamer!
Some years, I think it would be easier to tame a wild pack of lions with whip and stool than a wild pack of pre-teens hopped up on peanut butter fudge and pumpkin pie!
While I attempt to prevent escapees from fleeing to the family room, the other adults form an assembly line to move the packages from the upstairs landing down the stairs into a growing mound of brightly wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree and spilling into the adjacent room. At the appointed time I let them loose! They run like tiny crazy people down the hall through the kitchen and dining room emitting squeals of glee along the way! Suddenly we are in the midst of a flurry of flying paper and “thank you”s.
When the clamor and clangor subside, you might just hear the strains of “Silent Night” wafting through the air in familial three part harmony…
To me, this will always be Christmas.

Until next time...Merry Christmas today and everyday!
Aunt Zip
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