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10th Annual TrackingSanta Live Show

Discussion in 'Websites' started by TeamYANTSU, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. TeamYANTSU

    TeamYANTSU MMC Partner -- <a href=""> MMC Partner

    Hello MyMerryChristmas!

    We are a team of Santa trackers who have tracked alongside NORAD with a 24hour live webcast every Christmas Eve for the past 10 years. This year will be our 10TH ANNUAL SHOW, which is sure to be filled of fun and surprises!

    Why watch our stream?
    - It's the most interactive santa tracking stream out there - our hosts are constantly conversing with viewers asking questions!
    - We also run Christmas themed polls, do Christmas/Santa Trivia
    - Our hosts have a broad knowledge of the NTS program and can make route predictions, as well as answer any questions
    - We have our own Santa cams! (Check out our YouTube, social medias listed at bottom of post)
    - The past 2 years we've interviewed old NORAD Tracks Santa heads, providing a great insight into the program in its early internet years (available on our YouTube)
    - We also run a fun Preshow on Dec 23 and have occasional podcasts!
    - We are the ORIGINAL tracking santa stream, and strive to bring the most entertaining, and professional stream

    Want more info? Our brand new totally re-designed website just opened for 2018! Check it out now at

    Stream Times:
    PreShow - December 23, 2018 6PM EST - 7PM EST Live @

    MAIN SHOW - December 24, 2018 running from 2AM EST - 2AM EST (12/25) Live @

    Check out our Social Medias!

    Thank you to MMC & Jeff Westover for their continued support
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