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1979 Sears Wishbook all pages on Flickr!

Discussion in 'Retro' started by Paul_C_NB, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Paul_C_NB

    Paul_C_NB Mistletoe Hanger Merry Forums Member

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  2. Minta

    Minta Charles Dickens' Editor MMC Lifer Christmas Crew

    Talk about a blast from the past! I had a nice walk down memory lane flipping through the toy section. Thanks for posting.
  3. rodmonster

    rodmonster Santa's Personal Trainer MMC Lifer Christmas Crew


    I have almost all of the winter and Christmas wish books from the 70s through the 80s, some 50s and 60s as well.
    I am finishing all the major stores (Sears, Montgomery Ward, Woolworth's, JCPennys, Etc)
    Will list some soon!
  4. Santa's Helper

    Santa's Helper MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    My friend and I sat here and looked through every single page of this wish book and laughed! I remembered a lot of things from there like the Steelers stuff that my brother had. Awesome!
  5. Meceka

    Meceka MMC Associate Editor MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Crew Louann Jeffries Award Kringle Radio DJ

    How cool! Thank you for posting the link.
  6. Christmasstar

    Christmasstar one Crazy Canadian ! MMC Lifer

    that was so much fun to go through!

    Thanks for sharing, brought back lots of good memories. cheesy
  7. trackrebel

    trackrebel candy cane hustla MMC Lifer brother had a Fisher Prize Garage like it was on page 11 or 12....I think it was just the next daughter Kandice now has the most recent Garage....I´ve had lots of the Fisher Prize stuff myself...with those same funny figures that don´t have arms no legs....and I loved it...Kandice still plays with some of em at my mom´splace
  8. tsteffes

    tsteffes Christmas Fan Merry Forums Member

    My sister and I used to sit and look at that catalog for hours. My mom couldn't wait for it to come in the mail. I think from November 1 to December 24 we were the best kids ever!
  9. Retrohal

    Retrohal MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    Neato. Thanks
  10. MerryBells

    MerryBells wants turkey! MMC Lifer

    That really brings back some memories; sitting around with a plate of Christmas cookies and some milk, looking through the catalogs.
  11. Classic Christmas

    Classic Christmas Eggnog Chugger Merry Forums Member

    Amazing memories, thanks!
  12. Classic Christmas

    Classic Christmas Eggnog Chugger Merry Forums Member

  13. RavenHardt

    RavenHardt Sugar Cookie Tester MMC Lifer

    Thank you so much for posting this

    Posted from my BlackBerry
  14. Jangle

    Jangle Christmas Fan Merry Forums Member

    Ohhh look at the baby clothing! lol My mom passed me some sleepers that looked just like that when I had my son four years ago!
  15. GingerMel

    GingerMel Ornament Craftsman MMC Lifer

    Man, I remember sitting there...flipping through a HUGE catalog.

    I think it was from Sears. I was like 6 at the time this one came out.

    I poured over all the toy pages.
  16. Ddeby

    Ddeby Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    Definately a nice blast from the past. :cry:
  17. shrcpark

    shrcpark Reindeer Feeder Technician Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    I SO remember all the girl toys............

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