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50s to 80s - Clothes you wore!

Discussion in 'Retro' started by rodmonster, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. rodmonster

    rodmonster Santa's Personal Trainer MMC Lifer Christmas Crew

    Okay - here we go...
    I want you to give the year you were at age 7, 14, and 21 and what HIP, GROOVY, COOL, or RAD clothes you actually wore that represented that time....
    Post pics if you like!

    age 7 - 1979 - Dukes of Hazzard iron on tshirt, cut off jeans shorts, and no name tennis shoes...

    age 14 - 1986 - JAMS camp shirt or Polo with flipped collar, JAMS swimming shorts or acid wash Levis Jeans (tight rolled maybe with some nice holes in the legs and kness), and Nike High Tops or Penny loafers (NO SOCKS)....OH AND SHADES!!! Had to have the Black or Red CocaCola Sunglasses on! =)

    age 21 - 1993 - Turtle neck with a button up cardigan, loose MC Hammer like dress pants, and dress loafers...

    Age 14 and 15 in two pics below... ROCKIN THE 80S!

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  2. lilnoelelf

    lilnoelelf Santa's Sleigh Designer MMC Lifer

    well lets see.......

    age 7- 1980 I remember momma putting me in "flair/bellbottoms" corduroy pants (ugh) and funny looking shirts

    age 14- 1986- lol ok, madonna lace gloves, "stonewashed" jeans and LOTS of "hair band" tee shirts, poison,warrent, guns n roses ya get the picture.....

    age 21- 1993 lol jeans tee shirts cowboy hat and cowboy boots.....and I STILL dress like that lol I'll have to post pictures at a later time cause I'm using the wii right now
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  3. trackrebel

    trackrebel candy cane hustla MMC Lifer

    age 7 : 1988

    nothing stylish...mostly been wearing stuff that was comfortable to wear and didnt disturb me.....I hate dresses

    age 14: I started to dress in baggy pants or regular jeans and like basketball jerseys and stuff like that.......I still hated dresses

    age 21: still rocking the hip hop and athletic jerseys, nike pullovers....i was really into nike....nothing else would touch my feet at that

    now I am too fat to wear my jerseys....when I get back to my regular ll be backing rocking my jerseys....also in my 30s...
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  4. Christmas-A-Holic

    Christmas-A-Holic MMC Goodwill Ambassador MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Crew

    At age 7 I didn't care what I wore but I know I hated dresses.

    I don't remember age 14 and age 21 was the 80's look! Big hair and whatever clothes were popular then. I loved wearing dresses and mini skirts then.
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  5. Sabine

    Sabine Mistletoeologist MMC Lifer

    thank God I have no Pictures anymore of that time here. :-D

    But in the 80´s I loved my stonewashed Jeans and my Hair Cut, we called in German Vokuhila (Vorne kurz hinten lang = Short in the front and long on the backside )

    And don´t forget the Basketball Shoes from Adidas called "Allrounder"
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  6. George Broderick, Jr.

    George Broderick, Jr. Guest

    I have NEVER been a slave to fashion... no pictures currently available (thankfully)...

    age 7 in 1964... blue jeans, sneakers and some sort of striped T-shirt... very Opie Taylor looking... always dress pants, shoes and a button down shirt to school... short hair, Elvis pompadour... no glasses yet... avoided dressing like The Beatles for some reason...

    age 14 in 1971... some flairs (usually striped), lotsa American flag garb, including tennis shoes that were blue with white stars and a red tongue... same shorter hair length, Elvis pompadour sorta wilting... Clark Kent horn rims... the occasional Dickie turtleneck (worn with SHORT sleeves!)...

    age 21 in 1978 -- college years!!! mostly jeans, weasely moustache and plaid flanel lumberjack shirts... hair covering the tops of my ears and fairly unruly... wire frame aviator glasses... wore a beige leisure suit to my Mom's funeral in 1977...
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  7. rodmonster

    rodmonster Santa's Personal Trainer MMC Lifer Christmas Crew

    oh yeah!!!

    These are great!
    Come on folks!
    JOIN IN!
    All the COOL kids are doing it!
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  8. HomemakinGirl

    HomemakinGirl North Pole Domestic Goddess MMC Lifer

    This is so funny!

    Age 7 in 1975 - Shag haircuts and polyester pants
    Age 14 in 1982 - Big hair, stirrup pants and oversized shirts, parachute pants, leg warmers
    Age 21 in 1989 - Still had the big hair, acid washed jeans, minit skirts, shoulder pads

    Brings back lots of memories!
  9. whitney37354

    whitney37354 Rudolph's Groomer MMC Lifer

    Age 7 in 1980: velveteen outfits, knee socks

    Age 14 in 1987: Swatch watch

    Age 21 in 1994: turtlenecks, cowboy boots

    I've never worn lots of the current fashions. When I was little, we couldn't afford new clothes all of the time. Now that I'm an adult, I'm too frugal to go out & spend lots of money on clothes that will go out of style next year!
  10. Snow-in-Texas

    Snow-in-Texas Dang Near Santa Himself MMC Lifer MMC Emeritus Member

    Age 7 in 1968: Levis jeans all sorts of colors. I liked wearing sports shirts, the generic jerseys with the number 12 on it. The adults in the neighborhood used to call me "number 12" because of the shirts. Always had to have Converse Jack Purcell shoes, if you didn't wear them you were made fun of big time.

    Age 14 in 1975: Mostly jeans and t shirts, i liked the running shoes that were blue with 3 stripes, don't remember the brand of them though.

    Age 21 in 1982: Mostly jeans and t shirts again. But now I had a job and could get the real sports jerseys. With the player's names on them, I even had a Capitals jersey made with my name on it. Went through a cowboy boot phase there for a while too.
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  11. Ddeby

    Ddeby Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    Age 7 - 1974: Lots of "Jan Brady" plaid pants, bell bottoms, gold and brown tops.

    Age 14 - 1981: Were acid washed jeans in yet in '81? If so I was wearing them!

    Age 21 - 1990: Big hair leftover from the 1980s, tight ankle tapered jeans, flat white gogo boots, and enormous earrings that you could wear as a bracelet if you wanted.
    Good times.....good times!:sparkle:
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  12. Ryan

    Ryan Christmas Podmaster MMC Lifer MMC Donor Christmas Crew

    Age 7-1987...I was wearing traditional 80s stuff. That would be around the time I got my favorite t-shirt (probably 1988 or even '89, though) that said Nintendo on it and had the Mario characters around the logo. I have a vivid memory of riding my bike one nice fall evening as the sun set, thinking, "It's Friday night, I'm on my bike, I have my favorite t-shirt on, we're having pizza for dinner, and Full House is coming on. Life just doesn't get better!" cheesy

    Age 14-1994...Don't remember oddly enough but I know pictures exist to remind me.

    Age 21-2001...Very close to what I wear now at age 33...polo shirts, jeans, khaki shorts, etc. I always prefer short-sleeve shirts as I'm very hot natured.
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  13. MerryBells

    MerryBells wants turkey! MMC Lifer

    Oh my golly! I have two words for you....

    My sister and I wore the heck out of prairie dresses. And smock tops too; those blousy, wide bottomed tops that had the little pocket right in the front. And I remember having one of those one piece pant suits with the really baggy legs. We were too young for miniskirts, but my Mom let us have a 'short' (knee length) skirt. We thought we were very daring. We had some tie-died things too...that was all the rage when I was a kid. Wow, those were good times!
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  14. rodmonster

    rodmonster Santa's Personal Trainer MMC Lifer Christmas Crew

    i LOVE these

    All these comments are WONDERFUL! Such Great Memories!
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  15. ChristmasFanatic2

    ChristmasFanatic2 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member Christmas Talk Alum

    Wow...not sure I remember it all, but I'll give it a try.

    1972 (Age 7).....I believe Mom picked most of m clothes out, but I do remember little bell bottoms that I thought were the coolest.

    1979 (Age 14)....I loved tee shirts, sweaters and straight-leg jeans. I got my first pair of Nike canvas high tops and wore those till they literally fell apart!

    1986 (Age 21)...I was working in a beef processing plant, second shift and up to 12 hours a day, so my style was eans, tee shirts, sweatshirts and rubber boots...oh and hairnets! When out of work, my style didn't change a lot, except for sweatshirts, hairnets and rubber boots. Then it was my beloved sneakers!

    Much to my Mom, great Aunt and Grandma, I've never been a slave to fashion. LOL
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  16. WintersElf

    WintersElf Ornament Craftsman MMC Lifer MMC Premiere Member Christmas Talk Alum

    well ive never been the fashion icon either...i wore what i could afford..and still do..

    60's i was a tiny tot so i wore what ever hand me downs i could get from relatives..hahai barely fit into anything i was just a wee bone.cute dresses to school....i loved the msell of new dresses lol.

    70's as a kid i loved bell bottoms and cute blouses that said words like COOL and such or had a rainbow on it..and i always carried that comb around in my pocket..and pigtails.with those big knocker colored round balls that hurt like heck cause i had extrememly long hair.white boots and white mini skirts and koolots....

    80's my hey day..late teenage years..was into the pat benatar black silk pants and tank tops.also colored dickie pants..or painter pants was the thing.funky colors in my hair..glitter everywhere.and boots..
  17. shrcpark

    shrcpark Reindeer Feeder Technician Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    Age 7 - 1983 Overall, no name sneakers, pink shirt with flowers on it.
    Age 14 - 1990 Multi colored wigwams, corduroy jeans, long sleeve shirt with a BUM equipment color changing sweater.
    Age 21 - Did not care what I wore, jeans, t-shirt and flip flops everywhere. I hated dresses....
  18. Ornamentmaven

    Ornamentmaven Merry Forums Elf, 2nd Class Merry Forums Member

    Age 7 - 1963 - always wore dresses with set -in waists and tights or ankle socks to school and church

    Age 14 - 1970 - We were allowed to wear pants (no jeans) to school for the first time in 1969 - at the height of the miniskirt craze - when the school board apparently felt that pants on girls was far more modest than those "obscenely" short skirts. Wore a number of dress pants, nehru jackets, and paisley print blouses

    Age 21 - 1977 - My last year of college. We wore earth shoes, jeans, overalls, clogs, sorority jerseys and Frye boots

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