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A Sequel To "A Christmas Carol"

Discussion in 'Christmas Literature' started by Todd Trumpet, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Todd Trumpet

    Todd Trumpet Merry Forums Newbie MMC Member

    Hello, everyone:

    I'm new to the "My Merry Christmas" forums, but I've been delighted to see that there is an active sub-forum for "Christmas Literature" here. You see, I'm a writer, and I've spent the last year working on a sequel to my favorite holiday tale of all time, "A Christmas Carol".

    But before I get into that (and a little more about myself) let me say, up front, that, while it is my intention to offer a free copy of my novella to all readers of the "My Merry Christmas" forums, I am aware of the potential issue of spam. In other words, I'm not sure if this the proper place or way to go about doing this, and if not, the moderators are, of course, free to move, edit, or delete my post as they see fit. But my hope is not just to give away my novella here, but to monitor this thread and possibly interact with anyone who wishes to discuss it, including the influences of Dickens' original work upon mine, as well as his contribution to our modern day Christmas.

    With that said, allow me to begin my "Great Exhibition":

    There have been, of course, many sequels already written to "A Christmas Carol". It's probably best I didn't know this when I started! I am certainly aware of it now, though my informal survey shows that these have mostly taken a different tack than mine. There are sequels that follow the characters over many future years, and often not kindly; sequels that turn supporting characters into protagonists (Tiny Tim, Jacob Marley); and many, many sequels that violate Dickens own instruction in the final paragraph of "A Christmas Carol" that clearly states, "[Scrooge] had no further intercourse with spirits."

    "A Christmas Coda" takes a different, perhaps simpler, approach. It answers the questions that, like the spirits that haunted Scrooge himself, occasionally visited me as a writer:

    - How did Scrooge help Tiny Tim to walk again?
    - Could there be any chance for Scrooge to redeem lost love?
    - How could Scrooge ever repay a debt of the magnitude he owed Jacob Marley?

    These form the basis of my story. It takes place exactly one year after the events of "A Christmas Carol". And exactly like "A Christmas Carol", it takes place entirely on December the 24th, 25th, and 26th.

    And now, the bragging part:

    David Perdue, whose "Charles Dickens Page" is a prominent resource online, recently read "A Christmas Coda", and left the following review on its Amazon page:

    5.0 out of 5 stars Dickens would approve!
    By David A. Perdue on October 18, 2016
    Format: Kindle Edition
    A well-written and interesting sequel to A Christmas Carol with a Dickensian feel. As author of The Charles Dickens Page on the Web I've seen a few A Christmas Carol sequels and A Christmas Coda is easily the best I have read.

    And finally, if any of this has intrigued you, here is my free offer, available to any reader of the "My Merry Christmas" forums:

    "A Christmas Coda" by William Todd

    Use code HK25G (not case sensitive) at checkout to receive a FREE copy
    in any digital format you prefer, including .mobi (for Kindle), .epub, and PDF.

    (Coupon valid through Thanksgiving, 11/24/16)

    Of course, I could write a great deal more - about Dickens' original "A Christmas Carol", the challenges of writing a sequel, and the peculiarities of a Victorian Christmas...

    ...but I think it's probably better to wait to see if anyone else cares to discuss it!

    Thank you for this opportunity to share, and

    With Tidings of Comfort and Joy,

    William Todd
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  2. Todd Trumpet

    Todd Trumpet Merry Forums Newbie MMC Member

    Just a quick update to my original post:

    I've decided to extend my offer of a FREE copy of "A Christmas Coda" to anyone in the My Merry Christmas Forums who would care to read this short novella.

    The promo code given above expired on Thanksgiving, 11/24/16. The new code, below, is good through the end of December, 12/31/16:

    "A Christmas Coda" by William Todd

    Use code LV63S (not case sensitive) at checkout to receive a FREE copy
    in any digital format you prefer, including .mobi (for Kindle), .epub, and PDF.

    And, as always, may your holiday season be filled--

    With Tidings of Comfort and Joy,

    William Todd

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