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Baby Jesus Christmas Billboard Stirs Abortion Debate in UK

Discussion in 'Christmas Controversy & Opinion' started by ElfBot, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. ElfBot

    ElfBot MMC Newshound

    People see Jesus in a lot of things: Shrouds, grilled cheese sandwiches, ultrasounds. And in Britain this December, you’ll be able to see the baby Jesus in a simulation of what his own ultrasound would’ve looked like. The faux-ultrasound image is part of an ad campaign that will be featured on billboards with the [...]

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  2. Christmasstar

    Christmasstar one Crazy Canadian ! MMC Lifer

    OK, this is just plain weird. I have to ask...who comes up with this stuff???
    If they do not want it to be about abortion then why say "Whenever we kill an unborn child in an abortion, we are killing Jesus."
    If they want to just convey that Christmas starts with Christ, then leave the rest out of it.
    (by the way, I am pro life)
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  3. Maureen

    Maureen Merry Forums Super Administrator MMC Lifer Santa's Elf Christmas Crew Louann Jeffries Award

    I believe it's the woman's choice but that's beside the point

    I don't think this is acceptable as an advertising campaign, whichever way you look at it
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  4. kelly ann

    kelly ann Christmasologist Merry Forums Member

    That is awful!!!
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  5. usafvet

    usafvet Merry Forums Elf, 3rd Class MMC Lifer

    I think it is a great Christmas message in itself, seeing that image with the caption "He’s on His way: Christmas starts with Christ." To me, it conveys how significant Christ's birth is in association with the holiday we celebrate.

    I would assume those who are prolife certainly support the idea of seeing Jesus in a sonogram type image, but I wouldn't have gotten from the image that "Whenever we kill an unborn child in an abortion, we are killing Jesus." That is one's perception that goes beyond what the image displays, in my opinion. That image could certainly be used in other avenues besides a prolife campaign. I could see at as an advertisement for a children's hospital or a church of some kind. I think it is a profound image. Though I am prolife myself, I certainly do not get from this image a message that conveys "aborting an unborn child essentially means we are killing Jesus." That seems a bit of a manipulation if you ask me.
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  6. Jeff Westover

    Jeff Westover Chief Santa Tracker MMC Founder Santa's Elf Kringle Radio DJ

    I think it proves that people see what they want to see.

    I personally think the campaign is pretty stupid and assumes that most people are stupid, too, regardless of where they are coming from.
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    JOHNOR MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member


    do people not take circumstances into account? not everything is always so black and white.

    stupid campaign that shouldn't be allowed.
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  8. whychristmas

    whychristmas Webmaster Partner, <a href="http://www.whychristma MMC Lifer MMC Emeritus Member MMC Partner

    The ad is done by: and the campaign is here:

    ChurchAds have been making ads in the UK for Christmas and the like for years. They've done a range of promos in the past trying to show Christmas in a contemporary light:

    They've also done some very novel radio spots such as:

    As far as I know they have NO CONNECTIONS WHATSOEVER to the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child ( John Smeaton picked it up and decided to use it for his own marketing purposes. His quote comes from a UK newspaper article back in June: Ruth Gledhill who wrote the article in The Times is one the UK's most respected religious correspondents.

    I personally think it's a rather clever design - if you take it in the way it was designed, a though provoking way of showing Christmas - it wasn't meant to be a flag for the anti abortion movement! (see the quote from the guy from ChurchAds in the article) Also see page 10 of: from July this year (I've got a paper copy infront of me as I type!)

    No doubt it will be getting a lot more press soon in the UK...
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    JOHNOR MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    i'm glad about that. i don't think people who are the victims of rape and find themselves pregnant should be subjected to such campaigns.

    as i say, everybody has different circumstances and whilst personally it's something i could never do, i do understand that some people feel differently.
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  10. thechristmasmusicman

    thechristmasmusicman Tinsel Straightener MMC Premiere Member

    I believe that Christmas celebrates the beginning of new life. And I also believe that every unborn child should be given a chance to be born. After all, life is God's greatest gift to this world.
  11. ChristmasCommerical

    ChristmasCommerical Christmas Fan Merry Forums Member

    I'm pro-choice. There, I said it. But I am also Christian, and using Christ in matters like this is completely unacceptable.
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  12. Pol Bishop

    Pol Bishop Christmas Fan Merry Forums Member

    I really think people are overthinking everything and should stop forcing their ideas via media campaigns.

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