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Discussion in 'Christmas Together' started by Harleygrandma, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. Harleygrandma

    Harleygrandma Christmas Fan Merry Forums Member

    Each year I love bringing the boxes of decorations, pulling each thing out, and reliving each memory. After 40 years of the same old decorations, each one brings a joy that only makes them new again.

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  2. snowflake22

    snowflake22 *Harlowe's Mom* MMC Lifer Louann Jeffries Award

    Such a beautiful thing!! [emoji319]

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  3. Bradmac

    Bradmac It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! MMC Lifer

    Yeah, I love seeing old decorations that the kids made in school when they were little. Or the picture ornament with my dear departed Labrador, Ben.

    Good stuff!
  4. SnowflakeMom

    SnowflakeMom Dang Near Santa Himself MMC Lifer

    Such a great feeling!!! Enjoy!

    I just love having the lights on at cozy and comforting!
  5. xmastidings

    xmastidings Santa's Mentor MMC Lifer MMC Donor

    I can truly relate to that feeling. I have some of my grandparents Christmas decorations that they had when I was a little boy.

    I put them out, every Christmas and the memories take me back to the Christmas's I shared with them back in the 60's and early 70's.....Some of their decorations, go back into the 1950's.....:-D
  6. made582

    made582 MMC's Ambassador to the North Pole MMC Lifer Santa's Elf Christmas Crew Louann Jeffries Award Kringle Radio DJ

    Have fun decorating!!!!
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  7. sugar142286

    sugar142286 North Pole's RN MMC Lifer

    Enjoy your time decorating!

    I can relate, as DH and I have, have some decorations from our grandparents and parents and I also greatly enjoy seeing the things that the kids have made for us over the years.

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  8. whychristmas

    whychristmas Webmaster Partner, <a href="http://www.whychristma MMC Lifer MMC Emeritus Member MMC Partner

    I love decorating as well :) I had to go on an 'angelic' rescue mission on Tuesday when the angel from my nativity scene fell down the back of the dresser it stands on!!! Took me an hour to find the angel and get it out - no more high flying allowed!!!!
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  9. Petronius

    Petronius Santa's Sleigh Designer Merry Forums Member

    Decorating with heirloom decorations should be done with time and care. You would not want anything broken.

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