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Easter and "The Ten Commandments"

Discussion in 'Holidays Year Round' started by KWasser, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. KWasser

    KWasser Merry Forums Elf, 1st Class MMC Lifer

    Every year, I love watching the Charlie Brown holiday specials in October, November, and December. Also, the Grinch and other Christmas specials as well.

    But I've come to realize, there are other holidays where classics get broadcast year after year: Every year, for some time now (not sure how long), during Easter weekend, ABC network airs "The Ten Commandments", and I have to say, I've found myself tuning in every year for the last couple of years!

    It's become a holiday tradition for me, just as much as tuning in to "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"! I purposefully look up on TV guide to see when it's airing.

    Who else here makes sure to watch (at least a portion) of "The Ten Commandments" every single year? Or remembers seeing it on TV when flipping channels on Easter weekend?

    And are there any other holidays (besides the big ones in October/November/December) that have classic animated or live-action specials or movies that air every year?
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  2. RachRon

    RachRon Elf Supervisor MMC Lifer MMC Premiere Member

    My family has for the last few years been watching the Bible series on Easter.getting them to watch a religious program is usually a chore but they all really like and look forward to this every year.
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  3. ballcoach

    ballcoach Chestnut Roaster MMC Lifer

    Me, me, me! It has long been a tradition of is a classic that we schedule or weekend around just like we do some of our Christmas shows.
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  4. xmasfan95

    xmasfan95 Reindeer Pooper Scooper MMC Member

    I've always been more of a fan of watching "The Prince of Egypt" and "The Passion of the Christ" around Easter, but "The Ten Commandments" isn't bad either.
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  5. Minta

    Minta Charles Dickens' Editor MMC Lifer

    I have watched the Ten Commandment every year since I was a child. It's tradition!
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  6. CGYager

    CGYager Santa's Helper in South Dakota Christmas Card Exchange 2017 MMC Donor MMC Premiere Member

    I grew up with all these too. And remembering the days before VHS & DVD. We had to catch them when they aired or wait another year (or longer) before enjoying them again. Now, working nights, many of the TV shows come on when I am either sleeping, preparing for or being at work. However, over the years, I have (like many) purchased quite a few DVDs for the holidays. A portion of them are biblical based and I watch them over and over on those special days of the year. They include...
    The Ten Commandments (original)
    Jesus of Nazareth (mini-series)
    King of Kings
    Joseph & His Brethren
    The Bible... In the Beginning
    also Ben-Hur & St. Patrick: The Irish Legend
    Even with a nice memory and in many cases knowing what will come up and/or be said before it happens, I still enjoy them every time.
    There is just something about traditions that can be so warm and comforting. They take us back to simpler or better days and can cover us like a favorite blanket when times seem a bit rough.
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