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End-of-Christmas creep?

Discussion in 'Christmas Talk' started by NutcrackerGeek, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. NutcrackerGeek

    NutcrackerGeek Twinkle Light Checker Merry Forums Member

    Is it me, or do stores and whatnot try to get Christmas over as soon as they can these days?

    For instance, the day after Christmas I went into my local supermarket and they were already taking down Christmas stuff. The next day (yesterday) their big Christmas tree was already gone. That's just 2 days after Christmas! Aren't you supposed to leave all that stuff up until after New Year's? After all, New Year's is part of "the holidays."

    Even a few days before Christmas I see sales of Christmas stuff going on already. And Starbucks was already running out of their Christmas cups and going back to their regular ones.

    Seems to me everybody's trying to get it over with even before it gets here.
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  2. Nash

    Nash Elf Supervisor MMC Lifer Christmas Talk Alum

    I agree sir I hate it when radio stations stop playing Christmas tunes on Boxing day (well they do over here in UK )
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  3. DecemberisComing

    DecemberisComing Merry Forums Elf, 3rd Class Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    I agree. I was in Dollar General on December 23 and all of the Christmas merchandise had been condensed to one aisle or thrown on a clearance table at the front of the store, and they already had some Valentine's Day items out. I was at a Dollar Tree on the 30th and it was the same thing and it was very difficult to look for the items I was looking for. I am not sure if it is because not as many people wait until the last minute to shop or what. Back in the day, I knew two different families who didn't have a lot of money to spend, that celebrated after the actual holiday so they could shop the sales.
  4. SolidSnake84

    SolidSnake84 Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    Hobby Lobby was in the process of "Consolidating" Christmas on November 30th, and already had out the "Spring" stuff in some of the isles that formerly held Christmas goods. I was in Walmart the first Saturday after Christmas, and almost everything was gone, reduced to just a few isles of clearance things. It is very sad, and it can for sure catch you off guard if you aren't ready for it.

    But on the plus side, my Hobby Lobby gets starts putting out their Christmas stuff again towards the end of April / Early May! So even as I write this now, i am comforted in knowing that I have only around 100 days give or take, until i can go back to looking at Christmas items weekly again :)
  5. Reindeer Herder

    Reindeer Herder Twinkle Light Checker Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    They do take it down quick but at least Hallmark keeps it going until after New Years. It particularly bothers me that the radio stations go No Christmas on December 26th while the holiday and celebration are not over until at least January 2nd.
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  6. savingstar

    savingstar Twinkle Light Checker MMC Lifer Alum Christmas Talk Alum

    i went into a shop the day after bxing day and easter eggs were out on the shelves
  7. Nash

    Nash Elf Supervisor MMC Lifer Christmas Talk Alum

    I suppose the up side of stores being in a hurry is at least us Christmassy folk loveit when stuff starts arriving in stores around October :)
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  8. SolidSnake84

    SolidSnake84 Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    I'm lucky to be just a few miles away from Hobby Lobby, who always starts putting out their Christmas stuff towards the end of April - Early May. Last year, Walmart had small end caps of Christmas stuff in July. And i believe that it was our Lowes or Home Depot who had their stuff starting to go out by August. I know a lot of people hate it, but i think it is absolutely wonderful when you are walking through all of the outdoor stuff at Lowes, and they have Halloween & Christmas stuff displayed together.
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