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Family Opposition?

Discussion in 'Christmas Controversy & Opinion' started by Lacim84, May 19, 2012.

  1. Mumof2

    Mumof2 One Happy lil Elf MMC Lifer

    Lots of Hugs :)
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  2. Lacim84

    Lacim84 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    Thanks for the support! It's greatly appreciated!
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  3. Lacim84

    Lacim84 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    So, things are slightly better with my parents for now. We talk regularly without a debate and my Mom is trying to lighten up on me.

    However, now my Grandmother (my mom's mom) has cut me off, along with my aunt and two cousins. Really? I can't seem to catch a break! Why do people have to be so extreme?

    My parents want me to come visit in November because I haven't been home in two years. I want to go, mainly to see my sick Grandfather, but I'm nervous. I know people are talking about me and I know that some will give me the cold shoulder. It's a very uncomfortable situation. I've been debating if I should even go back...ever. I know that seems drastic, but if you knew my family, you would understand.

    So, should I take a chance and go home and face the drama? Or should I just cut my losses and stay put?
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  4. trackrebel

    trackrebel candy cane hustla MMC Lifer

    oh my...this is a hard decision to make....I guess I would go....just to avoid to feel guilty once Your grandfather has passed maybe....You should not feel guilty, if You dont go...but usually that´s what good hearted people too....maybe You try it once more....and if it doesn´t work...then okay....remember....when u come back from this trip....You will have december and the season to cheer u up.........i hope i could make clear what i was trying to say
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  5. xmastidings

    xmastidings Santa's Mentor MMC Lifer MMC Donor

    Wow, Advice is so hard to give, especially if you yourself, who is giving the advice, has not experienced your current situation for themselves. You must be very careful... people (especially family) can be very extreme about things and it has led to some very terrible situations (as you hear in the news)... Following your heart is a good thing but it can make you do some things that you may regret later on. Use your brain; If your brain is sending you signals not to go, then there must be a reason for that.

    It is a wonderful thing that we have here in the great country of ours - Freedom... With that freedom, it allows us to be able to practice, believe and live within our lives everyday, whatever form of religion or personal beliefs that we may choose. Be careful, because some people that come here to this country now a days, do not tollerate any form of beliefs other then what they have been brought up to believe from their own country and or family. If you know ahead that there may be trouble, stay away for your childrens sake, as long as you have the love for them and your family, then look ahead to the future with your beliefs and not the past with your distant family's beliefs.

    Your decision is a tough one becuase it not only effects you, but your husband and children as well; my advice is for you to look ahead and not behind.
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  6. ScottCalvin

    ScottCalvin Elf Choir Book Distributor MMC Lifer

    I would say go see your family, after all they are your family, if they chose to ignore you or cut you out of their lives then that will be their choice not yours. You are the one that went to them as per their invite to you, if they cannot put aside their difference's towards you with regards to Christmas. Then you will always be able to say they were the ones to ignore you they turned you away, and you will never wonder what if, I turned up what would they have said.
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  7. trackrebel

    trackrebel candy cane hustla MMC Lifer

    very well put
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  8. Lacim84

    Lacim84 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    Thanks for the advice. :)
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  9. joyful

    joyful MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    My advice would be first to pray about it. Then know that you do not walk alone and as the Word says, "you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you" Another words you can do it if you believe you can for then the anointing steps in when we are weak and strengthens us to move on.
    Listen to your inner voice, your spirit. It will let you know what to do. The Word also says, "No weapon formed against me shall prosper".

    Walk by faith, not by sight and doors will open that were closed before.

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  10. aleighanne

    aleighanne Merry Forums Elf, 1st Class Merry Forums Member

    Closest we had was a family member who did not believe in Santa and did not want anything to do with Santa. They hosted Christmas for a while and then we had it at our house. My mother got Santa table cloth, napkins, plates and had all our Santas on display. LOL.
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  11. SW1Dennis

    SW1Dennis Mrs. Claus' Executive Assistant MMC Lifer


    I guess I find it sad that others feel the way they do about Christmas. It only comes once a year so why not just enjoy it? I have never understood that type of attitude.

    The only thing I can say is for you to do what you feel is right. You have every right to celebrate Christmas and if others do not like it, then too bad. You live your life for you and not others. Because they sure are living their life the way they see fit.

    You have absolutely no reason to feel any kind of guilt. No need for others to drag you down into their pit of misery.
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  12. Lacim84

    Lacim84 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    I'm afraid it's going to be a never ending battle with my family. But I know in my heart what is right and I'm so thankful for everyone here who understands and supports me.
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  13. GingerMel

    GingerMel Ornament Craftsman MMC Lifer

    I'm really sorry that you're in this situation.

    My mother is very persistent too so I know how hard it can be when someone won't let things go.
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  14. JanaBanana

    JanaBanana *The Christmas Queen* -- Hostess, Merry Forums Member

    Many people in my family are JW's being my own mother as well. We haven't spoken in 2 yrs and I am perfectly ok with it. I am tired of being drug into her misery. They really are not very loving people at all. I LOVE my church and the people in it. I haven't ever met anyone that truly love Jesus and treat me like I am their family. I love Christ and to me that is what Christmas stands for...and if my family can't handle it, thats their loss not mine :) Life is too short to let miserable people influence my life anymore. Good luck!
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  15. gabulldawg

    gabulldawg MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    It's kinda strange because I have one sister who never comes to celebrate withus at Christmas simply because she is polor opposite to the rest of the family politically speaking...We are Catholic she is Buddist but to me its no big deal...we accept her beliefs but she is the one that refuses to ACCEPt us and our beliefs we don't even make our holiday celebration centered around religion if she is around..but she simply dislikes and looks down upon all of us...she only visits in summer anymore!lol it's quite sad actually.
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  16. Lacim84

    Lacim84 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    @Janabanana, my entire family are JW's. So, you can defiantly understand. They are all loving and good people, just close minded and rather persistent. It's tough because I love them so much, I feel isolated. But, again, I know what is right for me and I have to stick to what is best for my own family and stay true to myself. Thanks for sharing that. :)
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  17. aleighanne

    aleighanne Merry Forums Elf, 1st Class Merry Forums Member

    Exactly you need to do what is right for you and your immediate family. Don't try to please the ones who don't celebrate Christmas. If they want to cut ties over something so trivial (I know they are JWs) you don't need them in your life. I try to stay away from the negative Nellies in my family. :???: Hang in there!!
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  18. Santa's Helper

    Santa's Helper MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    This is a tough situation and sad but, you don't judge them for their beliefs so they shouldn't do it to you. Do what is best for you and your children. Let them do what they want. Enjoy life and all it has to offer.
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  19. trackrebel

    trackrebel candy cane hustla MMC Lifer

    Your situation is really bugging me kind of.....I know two or three witnesses discussing really is hard thing....I once asked him why they do not celebrate Christmas....and he told me....because the bible doesn´t tell us, too........all I was thinking.....but the bible doesn´t tell us not to celebrate it either, too......anyhow...I can feel Your pain....feeling isolated and all that ain´t fun...but You gotta do what You gotta do and feel is right.....Your family....I mean Your kids and husband or boyfriend....are surely thankfull for all You do for them......God bless You...and Your entire family!!!
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  20. Lacim84

    Lacim84 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    Thanks everyone. This Christmas is going to be awesome because it's my daughter's first. I'm not letting anything or anyone bring me down. I'm a very happy person and this situation is just one of life's little bumps in the road. :)
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