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For those with no ...

Discussion in 'Valentine's Day' started by Christmasstar, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Christmasstar

    Christmasstar one Crazy Canadian ! MMC Lifer

    If you do not have a wife, husband, girl friend, boy friend etc, what can you do on valentines day?

    How about...

    sending flowers to your mom? Your neighbour who is a single mom, or a widow and also has no one.

    Take a box of chocolates over to your local police / fire station with a note telling them how much you appreciate them.

    Donate a few dozen special cupcakes at your homeless shelter / food bank or soup kitchen. Everyone needs a special treat and needs to know someone cares.

    Any one else have some nice ways to show love on valentines day?cheesy
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  2. Christmasstar

    Christmasstar one Crazy Canadian ! MMC Lifer

    I guess I am the only one alone here..... I plan to be this way for the rest of my life. (unless of course the Lord has other plans) But, I am content, love my life and the people in it.
    I just thought maybe there were some more singles here that would like to brain storm ideas.
  3. Christmas-A-Holic

    Christmas-A-Holic MMC Goodwill Ambassador MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Crew

    I didn't see this thread last year. What great ideas you have!
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  4. MerryBells

    MerryBells wants turkey! MMC Lifer

    There are lots of folks in Nursing Homes that would appreciate a visit on Valentine's Day. I'm sure a small gift, such as some slippers or a wrap-around for their shoulders, would be acceptable, too.
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  5. whitney37354

    whitney37354 Rudolph's Groomer MMC Lifer

    I think those are all great ideas. I'd never thought about it. I've been with DH since I was 15, so I didn't have many Valentine's Days without a sweetie. If I were alone now, I'd still give a gift to DD. My grandmother sometimes bought us a little something on Valentine's Day after my grandfather died.
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  6. shellie12

    shellie12 North Pole Resident MMC Lifer

    hi i think valentines day is nice. but at the same time i think it puts you under pressure to do something.
    I think that someone can do something any time and anyday for someone they love.
    Thay can cook. or book a meal or buy flowers or chocolate at any given time if they want.
    Like if there was no such thing as the 14th feb wood the flowers and meal things happen.
    It seems like its put on you . but i know i do feel as if i have to. as my mates are doing it and it in my face no matter where i go
    My partner and i do not do a lot. i have always told him not to go mad. as its nicer to go out for a meal on a different night as on the 14th places are crowded and you do not get the same food or attention. but he always buys something nice. but then he is the kind of person that buys things (small things like bars of choc or creme eggs everyday for me )
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  7. Christmasstar

    Christmasstar one Crazy Canadian ! MMC Lifer

    you could say the same thing about any holiday. Christmas is a great example of putting people under pressure to do something. If there was not Christmas would we still have big turkey dinners, Christmas trees, lights up or give to the needy?
    Yes we can show love anytime of the year, and should. But it is always nice to have a special day of fun set aside. Like any holiday you put as much into it as you want!

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