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Is Santa Real?

Discussion in 'Christmas Controversy & Opinion' started by dowload, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. dowload

    dowload Mistletoe Hanger Merry Forums Member

    I know i'm giong to get alot of posts for this but i want to just see what will come up. Usually kids start to outgrow the myth of santa at about 8-10 yrs. old. Not me i'm twelve and still believe. It just adds to the christmas feeling. Well if u want to discuss this then post away on ur thoughts. :D
  2. Smemorina

    Smemorina Twinkle Light Checker Merry Forums Member

    I am a mother therefore I am not smaller, but I believe in my heart to Santa.
    He renders happy to believe me, in a world like ours where we see many ugly things, living in the "magical world" of Santa renders the life beautifulr....
    I BELIEVE IN SANTA :smile:

    Io sono una mamma quindi non sono più piccola, ma io credo nel mio cuore a Santa.
    Mi rende felice credere, in un mondo come il nostro dove vediamo tante brutte cose, vivere nel "mondo" magico di Santa rende la vita più bella....
    IO CREDO IN SANTA :smile:
  3. Jeff Westover

    Jeff Westover Chief Santa Tracker MMC Founder Santa's Elf Kringle Radio DJ

    I believe in Santa, too. He is VERY real.

    It amazes me that people can encourage their kids to believe in comic book heroes like Spiderman or to pretend with characters from the movies like Mickey Mouse but they completely discount Santa Claus.

    Santa was a real person who loved Christmas and served people. He was one of us. Real. Flesh and blood. And he acted and believed in things we want to emulate.

    To me, he was the model for how Christmas should be celebrated.

  4. Smemorina

    Smemorina Twinkle Light Checker Merry Forums Member

    You have reason Jeff!! The task like you...
    Is VERY real
  5. sheepsnot

    sheepsnot Guest

    Santa - real or imagined?

    This is a really good question, not something to be taken lightly or just dismissed. I have spent a lot of time thinking about it and wondering what people mean when they ask such a question. Are you asking if Santa ever existed? I think history answers that for us. Is he still climbing down chimneys today? Ah, there's the $60,000 question. In many ways I would have to say yes. Not just one guy in one sleigh doing the rounds, but I see it as the spirit of Santa in the hearts of millions who are doing the work for him. And where did Santa get his spirit of giving? From the giver of all good gifts, God Himself. This is what I believe. :smile: :smile:
  6. dowload

    dowload Mistletoe Hanger Merry Forums Member

    Wow i'm getting some interesting topics here.
  7. Twinkle Too

    Twinkle Too Snowman Engineer MMC Lifer Christmas Talk Alum

    Well said sheepsnot. :smile:
  8. Elf Ed Zachary

    Elf Ed Zachary Minister of Defense of Santa Claus, North Pole MMC Emeritus Member

    Is Santa really a controversy?

  9. Mr. Christmas

    Mr. Christmas Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    If he weren't, then why would I be dangling my truck keys in front of his face all the time?
  10. gameshowguy2000

    gameshowguy2000 Guest

    I'll say he is.

    When I was younger, my sister and I used to get letters from Santa right inside our stockings (along with any presents he left us).

    And about the leaving milk and cookies for him? I find also that to be true.
  11. SnowAngelChristmas

    SnowAngelChristmas Twinkle Light Checker Merry Forums Member

    I hope those are FORD keys!
  12. Bukifn7

    Bukifn7 Merry Forums Newbie Merry Forums Member

    Dan, The Man.I am 70 years old and I can't wait every year for it to be Santa time. Who else would be on my roof with a bunch of deer---especially one with a red nose. He certainly makes me feel very happy the next day and it seems all my grand children are just as happy with Santa as I am. "You Gotta Believe".
  13. princesskat-x-

    princesskat-x- Merry Forums Newbie Merry Forums Member

    Well.. honestly? I know there isn't someone that comes round our houses and leaves presents. I think it's nice to think there is though. There once was St Nick, as every1 knows, Santa was created as a character representing St Nick. St nick was real but isnt anymore, Santa was made TO REPRESENT him, this doesn't mean its a real person. Santa to me is just Christmas, If you think of christmas it's Santa. I am 13 and stopped believe in this MYTH around 10-11 yearz old so not that long ago. I believe in the spirit of the whole thing. But no, Santa as a person isn't real. :-D
  14. gameshowguy2000

    gameshowguy2000 Guest

    And I also agree those who misbehave get lumps of coal in their stockings.
  15. dowload

    dowload Mistletoe Hanger Merry Forums Member

    Wow i did get a lot of posts for this.
  16. Andrex

    Andrex Mistletoe Hanger Merry Forums Member

    I think the question is now is, how can you not believe in him? The evidence is more than overwhelming.
  17. Michael Rielly

    Michael Rielly MMC Master of SantaClausology MMC Partner Santa's Elf Christmas Crew

    Yes, he is.
  18. dvdelf

    dvdelf MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    people believe in aliens, whats so hard to believe about Santa? Little green men with big eyes who have mastered interstellar flight & the best they can do is make pictures in cornfields, kidnap Cletus the slackjawed yokel, & mutilate cows. Yeah thats so much easier to believe. I'll go with nice guy with the reindeer who brings me gifts thanks
  19. Michael Rielly

    Michael Rielly MMC Master of SantaClausology MMC Partner Santa's Elf Christmas Crew

    I had a child ask me "Are you real?".

    I grabbed my arm, then my nose, and cheek and said, "Well, I feel real!"

  20. dvdelf

    dvdelf MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    whats so hard to believe about santa claus?
    He's chubby: I see that everyday next
    reindeer fly: How do you know they dont? Because nobodies ever seen it ? Theres a fish that scientist had thought was extinct because nobody had ever seen a live one. Then one day a fisherman caught one & now theres been numerous sightings. Just because you dont see it, doesnt mean its not there. next
    he visits so many houses in one night? I believe someone smarter than I explained this already, but if you dont believe that, theres ways to bend time & traverse dimensions & make these things happen. Next
    oh you dont have any other arguments? thats right doesnt sound so silly now does it?

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