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More Fuel for the "War on Christmas" Fire

Discussion in 'Christmas Controversy & Opinion' started by Ryan, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan Christmas Podmaster MMC Lifer MMC Donor Christmas Crew

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  2. Anne_Langston

    Anne_Langston MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    One of my very dearest friends, who loves Christmas even more than I do, is an atheist. She's even joked that she knows she should say "solstice", but she loves the word "christmas" too much. I know she'd roll her eyes if she saw this video.
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  3. Santa Johnny Boy

    Santa Johnny Boy Downtown Pittsburgh Santa MMC Lifer

    Let loose the squirrels, the nuts are out!
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  4. Christmasstar

    Christmasstar one Crazy Canadian ! MMC Lifer

    Bless her heart, she is trying so hard. Someone should let her know that it freedom of religion not freedom from it that makes this country work so well.
    At least she knows that as Christians we celebrate the birth of our Lord on that day. But she is forgetting that many more people also celebrate Christmas who do not believe this.
    This is like throwing out the baby with the bath water.
    We stole nothing, we celebrate our way and have no problem with others celebrating their way.
    If we as Christians can allow others to celebrate the season the way they desire, why can she not have the same respect for us?
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  5. Festive Spirit

    Festive Spirit Christmas Royalty MMC Lifer

    Her 15 mins of fame is now up! I'm not even going to give her my precious time. I have many friends who are non christian who respect and celebrate christmas in their own way too and they love it!

    I understand the point she is making but I wonder why she is going out of her way to make it (someone wants to make the cover of a newspaper?) ! How can seeing people celebrating joy, peace and love cause anyone such contempt. On that note I would very much like to say to Ms Gaylor .......MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. Stnicholas01

    Stnicholas01 St. Nicholas MMC Lifer

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

    St. Nicholas:nice:
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