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Retro and Christmas just seem to go together.

Discussion in 'Retro' started by RetroChristmasCardCompany, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. RetroChristmasCardCompany

    RetroChristmasCardCompany Christmas Fan Merry Forums Member

    My favorite thing about Christmas is keeping the old time traditions alive. I love getting all my vintage Christmas decorations out each year... bubble lights on my white flocked tree from the 1960s is my most favorite decor. Something about vintage style and Christmas seem made for each other. I think it is the nostalgia. Christmas to me is all about remembering when. What say you?
  2. vicki530

    vicki530 Mistletoe Hanger Merry Forums Member

    My aunt always had a real tree. Our family had switched to fake trees, so it was always a delight when it was my aun't turn to have Christmas at her house. There's nothing like the smell of a real pine tree. She had these wonderful old strings of electric candles that had bubbles running through the tubing in between the candles. They were very old even then, (I am 65 now, so it was decades ago). I have never seen them since she passed away. I sure loved them, and I sure miss her and them.
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  3. angelpugs

    angelpugs Dang Near Santa Himself MMC Lifer Christmas Crew Christmas Talk Alum

    As i agree it's those memories and i have many that i cherish.
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  4. haagarr

    haagarr Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    I love the bubble lights
  5. haagarr

    haagarr Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    Nothing like a good old fashion Christmas
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  6. chrimbo_bear

    chrimbo_bear Feverishly Frivolous Feral Fellow.. Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    You speak the truth! I was just thinking about this very subject on my drive into work this morning... there was thick fog topping the Rhein, like ghostly sugar frosting.

    Was thnking, the vintage factor and love of reminiscing, it seems to be about going to a place where humanity is simply united and happy... no need for drama or any suffering.. This is probably what we all want at the core.. to just belong. Christmas gives a megadose of belonging.

    Also, and this is the part i was struggling with to reconcile, a lot of the retro vibe might come from when we were young, and first felt that overwhelming anticipation and excitement, almost a sense of "flow" about Christmas.. .the final week at school, when everything is in wind-down mode, mostly playing and having fun in class, etc.. So, does that mean that as adults, we hark back to a time when things were just plain easier? Is this therefore not escapism? I don't know - Not wanting to be a buzzkill here - just being an analytical old git :)

    Anyway, if it *is* escapism, i proudly profess that I am guilty of the crime!

    The retro decorations are wonderful! Harsh primary hues, nothing subtle about it, fake trees all the way, bring it on!
  7. ChantelleJoy

    ChantelleJoy Partner, MMC Partner MMC Premiere Member

    Hi Diane!

    Fancy meeting you here! ;)

    Love your cards, as always, and all "RETRO" Christmas Things.

    I grew up in the 80s, but always spent Christmas at my Grandmother's house, and she had ALL the classic Christmas Retro things - bubble lights - tinsil - HOT Christmas lights - so it brings back great memories for me. :)

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