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Christmas Past at My Merry

By My Merry Christmas Managing Editor Jeffery S. Westover
Christmas Past on My Merry Christmas

The memories of Christmas Past are what make us look forward to Christmas each year. In this section of My Merry Christmas we converse with the ghosts of Christmas past and learn their lessons. This unique mix of Christmas history and stories of personal memories blend together in remembering the rich heritage of the season.

    Who put the X in Christmas?
Is it okay to say or spell it Xmas? Where did that X come from anyway? And why do some people get so offended at it?

    There's Something About Merry
Just what are we saying when we say "Merry" Christmas?

 Christmas History
Christmas is continually re-invented. It seems each generation brings some new element to the celebration of the season. Here we explore the true stories behind the more familiar things of the season:

The Real History of the War on Christmas
The Christmas Tree Ship
The First Christmas in the Americas
Norman Rockwell: American Christmas Legend
The Halifax Exposion of 1917
Christmas at the White House
Charles Dickens: A Merry Old Soul
Others: The Story of The Salvation Army
Puritan Humbugs: How the Pilgrims Nearly Killed Christmas
Handel's Messiah
Christmas in the 1930s
Clement C. Moore: Father, Patriot, Poet
History of Christmas Lights
The Christmas Truce
Yes, Virginia -- There Really Was a Virginia


 Christmas at War
"Peace on earth" is the central message of Christmas. Yet it has been Christmas experienced during times where peace was far, far away that teach us the biggest lessons. This collection of history and true personal stories explores the oxymoronic topic of Christmas at War:

Christmas During the Civil War
Washington's Christmas at War
Somewhere in France


 Christmas Memories
Christmas is a magical season for all generations. The following are true award winning stories of Christmas submitted by our site users over the years:

Grandpa's Christmas Tree Hunt
Grandpa was well into his nineties but still had what it takes to make Christmas magical for his family.

Don't Say Goodbye, Just Say Merry Christmas
When a sick friend has to say goodbye one last Christmas is needed.

The Angel Twin
Celebrating the tradition of an ornament more than a century old.
Ryan's Prayer
A child becomes the teacher.
Old Man Kramer
A grumpy neighbor is mistaken for Santa Claus.
Emily's Highest Bough
A multi-generational remembrance of Christmas past featuring the excursion to secure a real tree.
Mrs. Christmas
Memories of a Grandmother known by no other name than Mrs. Christmas.
Jingle Bell
A ten year old writes of seeing Santa on a magical Christmas Eve.
My Christmas of 1947
A father teaches the true meaning of Christmas with a toy even though Santa was poor.
Homemade Ornaments and Our Anonymous Christmas Angel
The first Christmas for a newlywed couple is fondly remembered.
Christmas Baby
A baby, a blizzard...and one unforgettable Christmas.
Learning the True Meaning of Christmas
When a parent fails to get what the kids really want for Christmas the lessons learned years down the road serve as appropriate reminders for all of us who cherish the season.

The Christmas Dress
The memories of the pesky little sister, the love of an older sibling and the making of the Christmas dress.

My Santa Claus
A tender story of an adult child contemplating the death of a parent. The sweet redemption comes through a near death experience that proved to be a healing Christmas gift.

    The Gift My Brother Couldn't Give
    Once Upon a Foggy Christmas
    My Little Lie
    Somewhere in France
    Seeing Christmas Different
    A Christmas Past Comes Home
    Christmas Twice
    I Always Felt So Special
    Santa Doesn't Always Come by Sleigh
    Voices of Elves in the Night
    A Christmas When Life Overshadowed Death
    Up in Flames
    The Big Red Box
    His Name is Bud
    Of Greatest Worth
    No Longer Alone in a Crowd
    My Neightbor, My Friend
    Korat Christmas
    Just Like Jesus
    A Gift From a Two Year Old
    A Christmas Sight
    Christmas Collage
    My Dog Sam
    My 12 Days of Christmas
    It's Not the Gift, It's the Wrapping

 Holiday Disasters
It might not have seemed funny at the time...but we sure enjoy the memory now. Click here to read true stories of the mishaps of Christmas as they happened.

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