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Thanksgiving My Merry

Happy Thanksgiving on My Merry Christmas

Thanksgiving is the gateway to Christmas and, like Santa Claus, we find it appropriate to ring in a glorious season like Christmas by first acknowledging with gratitude the blessings that we have. So this merry page of MMC is dedicated to all things Thanksgiving.

Great Debates: To Baste of Not to Baste?
Like the Old Man in A Christmas Story many folks take serious ownership over the holiday turkey. But when it comes to preparing the bird there are strict divisions on one critical part of it all: basting. There are those who swear basting is the secret to a moist turkey -- while others scoff at the idea as a waste of time.

All About Stuffing
For some the most anticipated part of preparing a turkey dinner is the stuffing. In this article we explore the ancient tradition of stuffing in many cultures and discuss what is the difference between stuffing and dressing.

The Bog Ruby (Cranberry)
Used traditionally with turkey and expanded now in the modern celebration of Christmas in muffins, cookies, teas and even as a flavor favored in candles the cranberry has become a holiday staple.

Thanksgiving News from

Affordable Homemade Thanksgiving Decorations
Making Thanksgiving festive doesn't have to mean expensive decorations.

How to Stick To Your Diet This Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is filled with delicious tempations. For many, the day and night before Thanksgiving is just as important as the big meal. All the baking and nibbling leading up to Thanksgiving can go further in packing on the pounds than Thanksgiving dinner itself. How do you avoid over-eating and yet enjoy these festive events? This thoughtful article gives practical tips to help avoid over-doing it.

Lower Your Thanksgiving Dinner Stress
Make a list, check it twice, shop, clean, mix, chop, stuff -- aarrrrrgh! Is it too much for you? Do you stress over Thanksgiving? This article discusses how you can still get it done...and enjoy it at the same time!

Thanksgiving Activities for Children
Kids love Thanksgiving for all the reasons that adults do. But not all little hands can help stuff the Turkey, chop the celery, set the table or make the rolls. Here are some ideas for other things they can do on Thanksgiving.

Time-Saving Thanksgiving Dinner Tips
Here are some ideas to help save some time with your Thanksgiving preparations.

Christmas Fans -- Ranking the Best of Christmas

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