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Jingle Bell
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By Clare Moore

"Clare, are you almost ready?" Mom said. My family and I were going to the church service on Christmas Eve. We go every year. I was so excited because we get to sing my favorite song, Silent Night, in church at the end of the service with the bright gorgeous lit candles. My grandparents always come to celebrate, but my mom’s side comes at different times because they have 10 grandchildren. We all go to church, and talk about the true meaning of Christmas. Finally it came to the end song, Silent Night, and the lighting of the candles. I love that moment! We drove home after the wonderful hour service.

We were on our way home and we were constantly talking about Santa and how we were going to leave out the cookies, our lists, and more! We stepped out of the car and my sister Maggie pointed to the sky. I said, “What are you talking about?” She pointed even harder and everyone gasped in silence. I couldn’t speak because it was to incredible, and a one time chance. It was lighted and beautiful, and at the end was a red rounded light. It was s-s-ant-taaa, and his r-r-reind-ee-rrr! No one could believe they actually saw him. It was hard to exactly make the big guy out but the reindeer were easy to see.

My family was scurrying onto the house and I called out,” I will be right there!” When everyone was inside I bent down and I picked up a shiny gold piece. It was a beautiful bell that had a dent in it and rang at a good rate, soft but loud. I brought it inside and thought, well this is probably from Santa’s sleigh and it dropped. After I thought about it I heard all of the commotion about how amazing it was to see Santa on Christmas Eve! My little sister and I thought since we saw Santa so close, that we better put out the cookies, milk, and letters. I made the cookies with my grandmother the night before and my sister put them on our Santa platter, milk in the Santa mug, and same with the cocoa.

I was so energetic at that point I made my bed and got on my new pajamas. I know I was energetic, but I checked Norad Santa and he was leaving Canada, so I got into bed and read a couple of Christmas stories to put me to bed. I had wonderful Christmas dreams of what I wanted on my Christmas list.

I woke up at 7:00 a.m. and skipped down the stairs with my sisters. We jumped on my parent's bed and screamed out,” Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!!” I ran in hoping that I got something on my list. I got sped over to my area of presents and to my suprise I found some of the important things on my list, including a zebra bed skirt and zebra jewelry dresser that matched my room!

I looked by the fireplace and there was a letter, and it said, "HO, HO, HO, Clare, I found this bell on the fireplace and I heard you talking about it last night. You must have been lucky because rarely anybody finds these bells of mine! Have a Happy Christmas Day! Love, Santa"

That was the best gift and Christmas Eve I have ever received and I will never forgot and never stop believing because remember, "Seeing is not believing, Believing is seeing"!!!

My name is Clare Moore. I am 10 years old and I go to an Elementrey school. I am very interested in writing. I made a good grade on writing, and I am very creative with writing. When I get older I am hoping to be an actor and the help of writing in creativity could help me act in creativity!!!
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