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12-16-2013 08:10 AM
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Top Ten Christmas Videos of 2013
Report to Moderator Old 12-16-2013 08:10 AM
Jeff Westover
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In a world dominated by phones, tablets and small screens the on-demand of Christmas is by far the fastest growing form of entertainment at Christmas. A recent televised Christmas special variety show by Kelly Clarkson drew about 30 million viewers and that was considered good by many standards. But some of the videos we show below have nearly as impressive numbers -- gained one at a time on screens of all sizes. Based upon views generated at here are the top ten Christmas videos of 2013:

1. Little Drummer Boy -- Pentatonix

How can a classic Christmas song which is hardly the best of the classics become the #1 Christmas hit of 2013? By making it fresh with style: it's a capella with soaring vocals and tight harmonies. Rarely can it be said that a new version of a old song could become the go-to version of that song for generations to come but this falls into that category.

2. Show Your Joe -- Kmart

In what is easily the most controversial video of Christmas 2013 this commercial has been seen by more people than any other this season. Called festive and fun by some, foul and obscene by others, this is just a video of a bunch of guys in their boxers playing, um, Jingle Bells. Viewer discretion advised.

3. Christmas Miracle -- WestJet

WestJet is a Canadian airline that usually does something for fun on video for Christmas. Last year it was a flash mob of elves in an airport terminal. This year they turned the elves into shoppers. Santa collected the Christmas wishes of an airplane full of travelers awaiting their flight and while they were in the air shoppers went out to buy their Christmas. By the time the plane landed Santa was able to deliver via the luggage carousel at their destination. The reactions were priceless.

4. Angels We Have Heard on High -- Piano Guys

It is difficult to find bigger fans of the Piano Guys than us. In this video from the 2013 Christmas album a wildly inventive visual treat awaits those who listen. Using a piano, a host of creative methods of noise making, 32 fingers and 8 thumbs this is another fresh take on a Christmas classic:

5. Hallelujah -- Cloverton

A song many don't consider a Christmas song made into a Christmas song. Moving, beautiful and...festively done.

6. Captain Picard Sings Let it Snow -- James Covenant

This was a song just waiting to be made and someone with the editing skills and lots of time on their hands finally made it. Funny and refreshing until you hit the commercial at the back end of the entertainment:

7. O Come O Come Emmanuel -- Lindsey Stirling with Kuha'o Case

A beautiful rendition of this classic song with a wonderful message of Christmas. Lindsey Stirling is awakening young hearts to classical music through her dub-step style but in this latest Christmas video she transcends the music and takes Christmas to a higher level.

8. Very Angry Browns Fan -- Angry Browns Fan

Christmas season coincides nicely with football season. Unless your a fan of the Cleveland Browns. It seems they never have a season.

9. Pack a Shoebox, Jack -- Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty

Of all the videos we could have shown of Duck Dynasty for Christmas 2013 we chose this one. Even though they have a hit Christmas album and their Christmas show on A&E was one of the most watched of the season this video of Uncle Si Robertson packing a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child showcases not only Duck Dynasty's humor but also their heart.

10. Christmas to Me -- Don Murdock

The War on Christmas is raging almost as bad in the Canadian media this year as it is in the USA. Country singer Don Murdock just wants us all to get along by reminding folks that while it is a holiday to someone it's Christmas to Don Murdock. The song and the video have gained lots of media attention in Canada.

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