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“Santa’s Surprise Party” (A Christmas Poem from 1908)
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“Santa’s Surprise Party” by Gladys Hyatt Sinclair
From Saint Nicholas magazine, December 1908

’Twas a glad Christmas eve, and all over the world,
With reindeer and sleigh dear old Santa had whirled.
No one was forgotten or slighted by him;
Each stocking was bulging and crammed to the brim.
“There!” cried the old saint as he stopped at his door,
“I’ve made all the little ones happy once more!
But the rest of the night will be lonely, I fear;
Why—what is this wonderful racket I hear?”
He bounded down nimbly, so great his surprise;
But stopped just inside, scarce believing his eyes;
For here were the children that he had supposed
Were sleeping down yonder with eyes tightly closed;
Here, singing and dancing and frisking in glee
Around a most dazzling and beautiful tree!
“Oh, Santa,” they cried, “we have found you at last!
How tired you must be! You have journeyed so fast
To take us good gifts; but now, Santa Claus, see!
We have brought you some gifts, and this splendid, big tree!
We want you to know, just for once in a way,
How happy you make us, each new Christmas day.
These gifts did not grow in your Christmas tree grove;
We brought them for you, with our very best love!”
Then I wish you had seen them lead Santa about
To examine his gifts—heard his laugh and his shout
When he found a fur coat with a collar so wide,
When he read the gay note that was fastened inside!
There were bells for the reindeer, a pipe and red mittens,
And one little girl had brought Santa her kittens.
He’d a brush for his clothes and a brush for his hair,
He had pictures and books and a great easy chair
Where a good saint might nap it and sit at his ease
While presents grew ripe on his evergreen trees.
He’d a pair of new spectacles, shining and bright,
To help him to fill little stockings aright.
There were cushions so soft for the magical sleigh,
A cap trimmed with fur and a dressing-gown gay,
And stockings so long and so warm and so thick,
Jack Frost can no more play his favorite trick
Of blowing a blast upon Santa Claus’ toes
As over the steeples, at Christmas, he goes.
“Please wear this red scarf!” whispered one little elf;
“I made it, dear Santa; I worked it myself!”
He caught up the girlie and gave her a kiss.
He hugged them and thanked them—not one did he miss;
Then, “laying his finger aside of his nose,”
He twinkled his eyes—and what do you suppose?
Such visions of stockings, filled up to the top,
Bedazzled those children, they scarcely could stop
To cry “Merry Christmas! Good night, Santa dear!”
And to wish him a glorious “Happy New Year!”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Then home o’er the cloud hills they scampered and ran;
Now guess all the gifts that they found—if you can!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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