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32 Million Americans Already Christmas Shopping

A new survey by has media analysts in shock: more than 32 million Americans have already started their Christmas shopping, the survey reveals. That seems to fly in the face of a media-generated figure that 70 percent of Americans are “annoyed” by Christmas creep.

Of course — they only surveyed about 1000 people. But claiming it is scientific anyway, concludes that online shopping is growing in popularity with a full 14 percent now saying they prefer to do it all online. And the younger the age group the less likely that any kind of Christmas shopping has been done.

Even still, the survey shows that at least 1 in five is going to wait until Christmas Eve to get it all done.

No matter what, the survey from a credit card advocate clear shows that shopping and spending money trumps the pure shock of seeing Christmas on the shelves in September. What are the odds of that?

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