Best of Christmas Podcasts Nominations

Best of Christmas Podcasts Nominations

A new tradition was born last year in trying to identify the Best of Christmas Podcasts. We continue that effort this year with a fresh round of evaluation and sharing.

Last year more than 200 new Christmas podcasts were identified – and now there are even more. So we begin again this merry effort to reach out into the Christmas Community to have listeners tell us what’s great in the world of Christmas podcasts online.

It begins this year with nominations. This is a new part of the process. We feel there is no better way to begin to identify what’s out there than asking for suggestions of podcasts we should check out.

Nominations for this year’s Best of Christmas Podcasts are open until July 24th. We will announce this year’s nominees by category on July 25th (during our Christmas in July event).

Then the voting, the surveys and the critical evaluations really begin.

When will we know the Best of Christmas Podcasts 2022 final results? That comes at the end of October, just as it did last year.

Ready? Nominate your favorite Christmas podcast below:

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