My Merry Christmas hosts a very limited offering of advertising options. We’re not ones to try to profit from Christmas — we just want to pay the bills.

If you have a product, service, website, app or offering to be considered for advertising on My Merry Christmas we will be glad to discuss the options with you — just contact us.

Please be forewarned that we are very selective and prudent in how we approach all advertising.

Also be advised that due to the seasonality of our site we cannot accept or entertain new advertising inquiries after October 1st of each year. We keep a minimal amount of staff on hand for this purpose and during the holiday season they are engaged in other support activities for our site visitors.

It is also our desire that ads placed with My Merry Christmas focus on the interest of Christmas fans.

In other words, we’re not interested in hosting ads about dog food, home loans, or dating services. We also want any ads we show on our site pages to avoid connections to pornography, gambling, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals.

Thank you for your interest in My Merry Christmas.