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Bad Christmas Songs

Here in our locked down madness of 2020 some are worried about Christmas and how it might not be so great this year. Along with the requests for how we see Christmas 2020 (that’s a podcast in the making), we get suggestions for some of the most depressing things about Christmas you can imagine. Right […]

A Coronavirus Christmas Story

(Special to MyMerryChristmas.com) – America can be a place of fences. Not so much “back East” (as they call it). But “out west” (as they also call it) where the suburbs that sprawled during the 1940s through the 1980s it is not uncommon to find what they call “tract homes” on quarter acre lots — […]

Free Kringle Radio to Fight Coronavirus

At the suggestion of a loyal Christmas fan we’re pleased to announce an unprecedented free access period to Kringle Radio for all visitors to MyMerryChristmas.com. We normally offer this access only at Christmas and other special events. But given the extraordinary circumstances worldwide with the Coronavirus we feel the gift of commercial free Christmas music […]

The Con of ChristmasCon

Last year the world saw the debut of something called ChristmasCon. Sounds fun, eh? With all kinds of hype and good PR the event held in New Jersey in early November 2019 drew thousands of attendees. The Hallmark driven event featured stars from made-for-television Christmas movies, hosts of Christmas podcasts, and vendors of Christmas wares. […]

What Coronavirus Means for Christmas

In 1918 the Spanish Flu pandemic hit in three waves – once in the spring, then again in the fall and once again in the new year of 1919. The second wave of the flu was the most deadly, killing more than 195,000 people during that stage of the event. In Western New York State […]

Fill Your Heart with Christmas

You simply would not believe how many requests we get to feature new Christmas music. From artists known and unknown the month of December is filled with a steady stream of new songs. So why don’t we feature more of them? Honestly? Most of what we receive just isn’t all that great. Musicians tend to […]

Don’t Send Money – Send Names

Operation Christmas Cheer is now in its 14th year. This simple effort first collects names and addresses of the elderly, the ill or the downtrodden so that well wishers can extend a simple greeting of Christmas cheer. Then the list is distributed so that the Christmas community online can send them cards. In order for […]

Anonymously Singing of Silent Night

We received dozens of notices about new music everyday in November and December. Most come from publicists or new artists themselves. We are grateful to receive them. Occasionally we receive tips on new Christmas music from our readers. We have learned over the years to trust these suggestions. Here is one that came late last […]