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Christmas Old Made New

One of the beauties of Christmas music is that what is old is constantly made new. Where else do you find songs that are 500 years old getting new spins? Even old songs of our day and age get celebrated anew. Take, for example, this new view of an old Bryan Adams Christmas classic: Now […]

Maybe Buble Does Own Christmas

On the very day that Mariah Carey declared Christmas season open and not long after Robbie Williams declared that Michael Buble should not own Christmas Michael Buble did what pros do: he showed why he’s the master of Christmas music: A classic song — done in Buble style — garnished with old-school Christmas stop-motion animation. […]


The Best of Scrooge

Just weeks ago it was announced that a new musical version of A Christmas Carol is being produced to star Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. Not much is known about the project, including a release date, but speculation is buzzing about just who will play Scrooge. It is an interesting question. If there is any […]


The Next Horrible Santa

Hollywood just won’t quit. They just cannot wait to showcase Santa Claus again in a horrible way. Just announced is an all new Santa film to be called Fatman that will star Mel Gibson as Santa Claus. Fatman will showcase Gibson as a rowdy, unorthodox Santa who is fighting the decline of his business. If […]